Mobile App Testing – advanced tips and tricks

An issue on mobile app testing has published on”Testing Experience”, one of the world’s leading magazines for software testers and test managers. The magazine is full of in-depth insights on app testing, from context-dependent techniques to mobile network variability testing. A great resource for anyone who’s serious about how to test their apps!

Table of contents

  • What Makes a Good Tester?
  • Context-Dependent Testing of Apps
  • Mobile App Performance – How to Ensure High-Quality Experiences
  • Roadblocks and their workaround while testing Mobile Applications
  • Main issues in mobile app testing
  • Beyond the Smartphone – Testing for the Developing World
  • Best Practices in Mobile App Testing
  • Mobile Test Strategy
  • Driven Development for the Android Platform
  • There’s a test for that!
  • Testing on a Real Handset vs. Testing on a Simulator – the big battle
  • What Makes a Good Tester?
  • 4E Framework for Mobile Network Variability Testing
  • Enterprise Mobile Testing for Success
  • Test Mobile App
  • Context-Dependent Testing of Apps
  • Column: Testing Maturity – Where Are We Today?
  • Mobile Business Application Testing Automation: A Novel Approach

By Stijn Schuermans

As a Senior Business Analyst, Stijn focuses on understanding how technology becomes value-creating innovation, how business models affect market dynamics, and the consequences of this for corporate strategy. He is the lead Internet of Things researcher in the VisionMobile team. He has been writing about IoT since 2012.

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