Podcast #4 – Designing APIs means adding value to the Digital Chain

In this captivating Developer Nation Podcast episode, host Ayan engages in a comfortable and insightful conversation with Darshan, the founder and CEO of API Wiz. Darshan shares his 15-year journey in the software development industry, touching on experiences with diverse technologies and industries. The genesis of API Wiz emerges from Darshan’s realisation of significant gaps in API management within the developer ecosystem.

APIWiz, developed over four years, aims to revolutionise API management by addressing technical debt and the maturity and collaboration challenges enterprises face. Darshan emphasises the importance of a platform approach, likening it to an integrated assembly line for building cars. The platform, API Wiz, manages the entire API lifecycle, offering enterprises the flexibility to choose their preferred gateway.

Darshan recounts the challenges faced during the inception of APIWiz, including the need to overcome tool sprawl and foster collaboration across departments. The platform’s recent launch, APIWiz 2.0, and the introduction of Astrum for the developer community are highlighted. Astrum allows developers to use the platform for free, demonstrating APIWiz’s commitment to enabling more with less.

Throughout the episode, Darshan’s passion for solving customer-centric and developer-centric problems shines through, making this podcast a must-listen for developers, DevOps practitioners, and anyone interested in the dynamic world of API management. Tune in to gain valuable insights, learn from Darshan’s experiences, and discover the transformative impact of APIWiz in the evolving landscape of software development. Don’t miss out – hit that listen button now!

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