What did developers have to say about our Q2 2020 survey?

Do we read your feedback? Yes we do! We LOVE to see what our community has to say and always invite feedback in our surveys.

Our 19th Developer Survey was no different. 17,241 developers took part from 165 countries and 8,200 participants left feedback. We asked developers if there was anything we forgot to ask, whether they enjoyed the experience and how we can improve in our next Developer Economics Survey. This is what they said:

developer feedback

We loved hearing from our community and our team are taking on board all your comments to make our 20th survey even better. Did we say 20th? Yes that’s right, standby for our anniversary survey! To ensure that you are notified when it’s live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked, so we can email you when we are ready.