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Job positions for Video Game designers


game design job positions

So, you know how to get into game designing, and you know that education and training standards you need to succeed – now all you need to do is get ahead of everyone else and begin to make headway as a game designer.

Once you have achieved the level of education or training needed for a career in game design, you can plan for your future in the industry. This begins with determining your career path, gaining experience, and creating your first game.

Determine a Career Path

Even within the specialty, there are many different types of game designers. Furthermore, game designers have diverse roles within their various positions which may not be obvious. This is why it is important for aspiring game design professionals to fully consider the type of game career they intend to pursue.

Senior Level Designer

This position is responsible for outlining the level objectives and game flow within a set and then is required to create the documentation for each level. A senior level designer should be able to create, position, and fine-tune game play elements and AI components.

Level Designer

This is a position subordinate to a senior level designer. Level designers will typically use the provided design documentation, including all mechanics, any guidelines, and the mission outlines to create and implement each of the game’s levels.

Lead Animator

Animators work in close collaboration with artists, programmers, and designers to create each aspect of the characters used in the game.

Gain Experience

Getting an entry level job with a large game studio can be a difficult proposition. Since most employers require some game design experience for most jobs, new game designers have to find creative ways to gain relevant experience.

Game Designer Internships

Some companies offer internships or co-op positions for beginner designers.

Go Small and Indie

Small businesses on a budget are often willing to hire game programmers or artists with little practical experience.

Coding for a Cause

There are some charities that require coding and game design. You can sign up and start writing code while gaining real-world experience.

Develop a Game

Game designers can create a buzz, get experience, and gain a competitive edge when they design and publish their own game. Utilise free programs to create a simple, engaging and interactive mobile game. Publish it for sale on the app marketplace. Then begin working on something more complex. Each game will add value to your portfolio and most importantly, it will count as design experience.

Game design is an exciting and fast-growing field. However, it is one of the most difficult to break into. To do so you need a clear direction and understanding of the industry, education and training requirements, and a strategy to succeed.