7 Tips on How to Win In Our Referral Program

Our referral program counts over 2,800 developers who are quick, smart, and masterfully spreading the survey with their local developer groups and communities. We know that all of you are very keen on winning the top referral prizes like $ 200, $700 or $1,000 USD. But only the top 50 will score rewards. So we recently spoke with one of our top 3 referrers from the previous survey, and he was cool enough to share a few tips on how to climb the leaderboard faster. Read, learn, and apply!

1. Spread your influence. Twitter is cool but in some countries Whatsapp, Telegram, and Discord developer groups are more eager to back you up and take the survey to support you. Test a mix of different apps and sites.

2. Be intentional. It’s ok if you share the survey occasionally to boost your ranking. But if you want to get to the top, it’s worth planning ahead. Try to be active on specific days or times when you know other developers will be scrolling through their phones. 

3. Learn about the people before posting. If you’re posting in a new developer group, forum, or Slack channel, it’s worth getting to know the vibe of the group first. Some are more casual, some are all about learning, some love memes. When you share the survey with them, try to blend in as a native. 

4. Some people love to hear about the survey prizes, some don’t. That’s ok. You can focus on saying that the survey is actually a good learning opportunity to discover new tools and platforms.

5. Use the promo material we have prepared for you. Feeling a bit confused about how to promote the survey? Don’t know what to say? Pick a few tweets, banners or promo texts & grab your custom promo link to share with other developers.

6. Remind people that they need to complete the survey, so as to count towards your referrals. Perhaps some have started the survey and paused. Give them a gentle reminder to go back and finish answering the questions.

7. Mention that the survey is closing on August 4th. It helps when people know that there’s a deadline and they need to act fast.

8. We’re donating $0.10 for every response to a charity that developers can select when they enter the survey. That’s a nice way to motivate people to support you and our survey too!

Hope these quick tips will inspire you and keep you in the game so that you can climb the leaderboard and win our top 50 prizes. Just remember to play fair and square and only promote the survey to real developers and software creators (sorry, you can’t ask your mom or cousin to click randomly!). Read our Referral Terms & conditions to make sure you’re playing by the rules. Good luck!


Developer prizes: Look who’s won in our 20th-anniversary survey prize draw and Referral Program.

We’re super excited to announce the winners of our 20th Developer Economics prize draw. Thanks to over 19,000 of you who took the time to contribute to the developer ecosystem!

If you’re new to our prize draws, developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey. You can see the list of benefits and rewards here.

General Prize Draw

The State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points

exclusive community prize draw 801+ points

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points – Prizes: Vouchers, branded stickers, water bottles, surprise swag, and socks

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 501+ points Prizes: Vouchers, surprise swag, branded stickers and socks

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 301+ points Prizes: Branded surprise swag, stickers and socks

Extra Prize Draws

Early Bird Prize Draws

Christmas Advent Draws

Last Minute Extra Prize Draw

We’ve reached out to winners directly via email. If you recognise your email address but believe you haven’t been contacted yet, you can contact us here.

The lists above only include prize-draw winners and not runner-ups. If the prize draw winners do not claim their prizes within 10 workings of us contacting them, then runner-ups will be invited to claim them instead. 

Special thanks to our prize sponsors SitePoint, DeveloperWeek, Basecode, Sketchfab, HTB Academy and @Coding for donating prizes to the survey! Are you a company interested in giving away a prize to developers in our next survey? Get in touch!

If you’re not a winner, don’t despair, our next survey, our 21st will be live later this year. We’re already on the hunt for some amazing prizes, and open to your suggestions. What prizes would you like to win? Drop us an email or send us a Tweet.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.

Referral Program Winners

Over 2,600 developers joined our Referral Program and 270 were especially competitive in promoting our survey to their communities. Thanks to everyone who took on the challenge! If you want to test your influencer abilities in our next survey, make sure you join our Referral Program. Without further do, here are the top 50 winners:

Want to take part in our next surveys referral program? You can sign up here.