Developer Nation Donation Program: Defining our social footprint together

The very essence of community lies at the heart of our Developer Nation surveys and therefore, we’re committed to giving back to the communities in different ways. With the mission of helping developers be their best selves, we place great importance on giving back to our community not only by sharing valuable insights and data, and helping them set the right foundations for their careers -, but also by supporting causes that matter to them – through our Donation Programs.

The Donation Program has become an integral part of our Developer Nation surveys and has helped us support aspiring professionals from all over the world who are driven by their passion for technology and are determined to make a difference in the world. As part of our Donation Program, we donate $0.10 per response to the charities our Developer Nation community chooses to support. Our goal is to reach $2,000 in donations and with every respondent taking part in our surveys, we’re getting a step closer to our goal!

During the 25th Developer Nation survey, one of the charities we donated to was CoderDojo, part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and this is the impact we were able to create by joining forces:

  • Global Reach: Over 4,000 coding clubs ran in-person sessions in 103 countries, creating a widespread impact and fostering a global community of learners.
  • Diverse Participation: 2,508 young people from 46 countries submitted entries into the Coolest Projects showcase, with a remarkable 45% of the participants being girls, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the tech space.
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities: The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched three new digital making project pathways, providing learners with diverse coding experiences, from story books and virtual pets to musical instruments, Raspberry Pi Pico creations, data visualizations, websites, and more.
  • Language Accessibility: Efforts were made to translate digital making projects into over 30 different languages, with a specific focus on supporting learners in areas of educational disadvantage. This includes building new volunteer translation communities for an additional five languages spoken in Kenya, South Africa, and India.
  • Skill Development: 88% of CoderDojo champions reported that young people improved their computing and programming skills as a result of taking part in CoderDojo. Additionally, 87% noted that young people gained more confidence to explore computing and programming.

Helping each other grow and achieve our dreams is what drives us here in Developer Nation.

We’d like to celebrate the personal stories of these young tech creators together with the Raspberry Pi Foundation:

Jay, sharing his love of robotics in his local community
My mission is to spread the word of computing and programming, because not many people know about these subjects.” – Jay

jay sharing his love of robotics
jay sharing his love of robotics

Laura, building robots to change the world
I never imagined that I would have so many opportunities to travel, expand my horizons, and meet so many people. It’s thanks to CoderDojo and Coolest Projects that I’ve been able to build an amazing network of friends, and together we’re ready to take on the world.” – Laura

Laura, building robots to change the world

My Coding Story: Selin
I do hope people and AI work together in the future to make the world a better place. So I hope I will be a role model, and I actually know it’s hard to start at first, but, like, interests are gender-free. But to just, like, start, be curious and courageous, and, like, never let setbacks stop you so you can actually accomplish, like, your dream and to follow it and to never give up..” – Selin

  These stories show how much we can accomplish together as a community. We’re truly grateful to our community members for embracing our Donation Program and contributing to it, helping us create a sustainable ecosystem for everyone to live and thrive in. Being community-led, this effort could not have been possible without your valuable contributions.  Let’s keep making a positive difference together!

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