State of Developer Wellness report 2024

In 2023, we ran our first ever Developer Wellness survey with the aim of better understanding developers, levels of their well-being and happiness. Last year’s report sparked crucial conversations about well-being in the developer community, shedding light on the challenges developers were facing in their careers.

This year, we return with an even larger survey (nearly 1,000 developers from 86 countries!) to dive deeper. The survey was live for fifteen days during March 2024. More than half of the developers who participated were aged between 18 and 44 years old but we also had 10 developers younger than 18 and 7% were above 55 years old. 

83% of developers reported feeling burnout at some point in their careers

Burnout, characterised by exhaustion, energy depletion, increased distance from your job and reduced efficiency, is a significant concern in the developer world. The demanding nature of the work, coupled with factors like tight deadlines, constant learning curves, and potential isolation, can contribute to this state.

However, despite the concerning figure, many developers have started focusing on their well-being now more than ever. More than half of the developers have access to wellness tech through their employers in 2024 – fitness trackers, mindfulness apps, etc. – and more developers have started prioritising their physical and mental health amidst the stiff competition and uncertainty surrounding the tech industry. 

We found that 34% of developers exercise once or twice per week while 40% exercise at least 3 times per week! More than half of developers also manage to kick in 6-7 hours of sleep every night, although there is definitely some room for improvement.

In 2024, 84% of developers had to work overtime at least occasionally

Overtime is a common experience for many developers, although the frequency varies. While more than half (53%) find it acceptable, 39% express dissatisfaction without deeming it a deal-breaker, and 8% consider it overwhelming. 

This distribution suggests a spectrum of attitudes towards work-life balance among developers. It underscores the importance for companies to foster environments that prioritise employee well-being while acknowledging the demands of the tech industry.

But what are the tips/strategies that could help you improve your well-being and start waking up full of energy? How can you set clear boundaries at work?

We got you! You’ll find your well-being toolkit in our Wellness report. On top of that, you’ll also discover:

  • Workplace Perceptions: the workplace setup, employer support, sense of purpose
  • From Burnout to Balance: Are you on the struggle bus? Learn how developers are conquering burnout and achieving work-life harmony. ‍
  • Beyond the Code: work-life balance, recharging & well-being
  • Developer Wellness Champions: Unveiling the secrets to developer well-being, straight from our Developer Nation community members!

and more!

Ready to join a thriving developer community that prioritises well-being?

Download the report today, share it with your network, and let’s build a culture of wellness that promotes the mental, physical and emotional well-being of the developer industry! 


Developer Nation Donation Program: Supporting Charities for a Better Tomorrow

At Developer Nation, our commitment extends beyond just gathering data and insights from the developer community; we believe in giving back and making a positive impact. Through our Donation Program, we support causes that resonate with our mission and values, ensuring that our community’s voice is heard not only in surveys but also in charitable endeavours.

How Does it Work?

For every survey wave conducted, we allocate a portion of our resources to donate to charities chosen by the Developer Nation Community. With each completed survey, we contribute $0.10 towards our donation goal, aiming to reach a minimum of $1,600 or more in total donations!

The 26th Developer Nation Survey

During our 26th Developer Nation global survey, we were thrilled to receive 13,852 qualified responses. This remarkable engagement helped us reach $1,385 in donations, inspiring us to continue giving back to our community in various ways.

Charities Supported in the 26th Survey

In line with our commitment to supporting developer-centric initiatives and other causes valued by our community, we distributed our donations among several deserving charities. Here’s a breakdown of the organizations we supported and the contributions they received based on community votes:

1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is dedicated to providing free coding education to individuals worldwide. With 5,197 (out of 13,852) survey participants showing their support, we were able to donate $520 to further their mission of making coding accessible to everyone.

2. Mozilla Foundation

The Mozilla Foundation champions an open and accessible internet for all, promoting privacy, security, and digital literacy. With 2,997 votes from our community, we contributed $300 to advance their mission of a healthier internet ecosystem.

3. Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) harnesses the skills of engineers to address global challenges, from clean water access to sustainable infrastructure. Supported by 2,584 out of 13,852 survey participants, we donated $258 to support their impactful projects worldwide.

4. Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is dedicated to increasing diversity in tech by providing women and gender-diverse individuals with comprehensive software development training. With 1,759 votes from our community, we contributed $176 to empower more individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to thrive in tech.

5. ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency)

ADRA works tirelessly to address social injustice and provide humanitarian aid to communities in need worldwide. With 1,209 votes from our community, we donated $121 to support their efforts in promoting sustainable development, disaster relief, and advocacy.

Conclusion: Fostering Community and Social Responsibility

At Developer Nation, we believe that giving back to society is integral to our mission. We extend our deepest gratitude to our community members for their enthusiastic participation in our Donation Program. Your contributions have not only exceeded our expectations but also reaffirmed our collective commitment to making a difference.

As we continue our journey, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions for future donations. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our philanthropic efforts, ensuring that we remain aligned with the causes that matter most to you.

Join us in our mission to build a brighter, more inclusive future through technology and compassion. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world!


Developer Nation Donation Program: Defining our social footprint together

The very essence of community lies at the heart of our Developer Nation surveys and therefore, we’re committed to giving back to the communities in different ways. With the mission of helping developers be their best selves, we place great importance on giving back to our community not only by sharing valuable insights and data, and helping them set the right foundations for their careers -, but also by supporting causes that matter to them – through our Donation Programs.

The Donation Program has become an integral part of our Developer Nation surveys and has helped us support aspiring professionals from all over the world who are driven by their passion for technology and are determined to make a difference in the world. As part of our Donation Program, we donate $0.10 per response to the charities our Developer Nation community chooses to support. Our goal is to reach $2,000 in donations and with every respondent taking part in our surveys, we’re getting a step closer to our goal!

During the 25th Developer Nation survey, one of the charities we donated to was CoderDojo, part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and this is the impact we were able to create by joining forces:

  • Global Reach: Over 4,000 coding clubs ran in-person sessions in 103 countries, creating a widespread impact and fostering a global community of learners.
  • Diverse Participation: 2,508 young people from 46 countries submitted entries into the Coolest Projects showcase, with a remarkable 45% of the participants being girls, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the tech space.
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities: The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched three new digital making project pathways, providing learners with diverse coding experiences, from story books and virtual pets to musical instruments, Raspberry Pi Pico creations, data visualizations, websites, and more.
  • Language Accessibility: Efforts were made to translate digital making projects into over 30 different languages, with a specific focus on supporting learners in areas of educational disadvantage. This includes building new volunteer translation communities for an additional five languages spoken in Kenya, South Africa, and India.
  • Skill Development: 88% of CoderDojo champions reported that young people improved their computing and programming skills as a result of taking part in CoderDojo. Additionally, 87% noted that young people gained more confidence to explore computing and programming.

Helping each other grow and achieve our dreams is what drives us here in Developer Nation.

We’d like to celebrate the personal stories of these young tech creators together with the Raspberry Pi Foundation:

Jay, sharing his love of robotics in his local community
My mission is to spread the word of computing and programming, because not many people know about these subjects.” – Jay

jay sharing his love of robotics
jay sharing his love of robotics

Laura, building robots to change the world
I never imagined that I would have so many opportunities to travel, expand my horizons, and meet so many people. It’s thanks to CoderDojo and Coolest Projects that I’ve been able to build an amazing network of friends, and together we’re ready to take on the world.” – Laura

Laura, building robots to change the world

My Coding Story: Selin
I do hope people and AI work together in the future to make the world a better place. So I hope I will be a role model, and I actually know it’s hard to start at first, but, like, interests are gender-free. But to just, like, start, be curious and courageous, and, like, never let setbacks stop you so you can actually accomplish, like, your dream and to follow it and to never give up..” – Selin

  These stories show how much we can accomplish together as a community. We’re truly grateful to our community members for embracing our Donation Program and contributing to it, helping us create a sustainable ecosystem for everyone to live and thrive in. Being community-led, this effort could not have been possible without your valuable contributions.  Let’s keep making a positive difference together!

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Shaping the future of Developer Space: Start here.

It’s, no doubt, one of the fastest moving tech eras in the history of technology. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and virtual reality, emerging technologies are transforming entire industries and redefining the way we interact with the world around us. 

For software developers , keeping up with the latest technologies has never been more crucial. By continually testing your knowledge and understanding of these technologies, you can utilize those capabilities to their greatest potential, making your life simpler, faster and more efficient. But where do you start?

Our brand-new Developer Nation survey is now open for developers who’d like to test their standing with the latest technologies and leave their mark in shaping the future of developer space. To help you get a better understanding of who we are, what we do and what it feels like to be a part of our developer community, we’ve also compared the Developer Nation Survey with the surveys offered by other developer communities, like Stack Overflow, across a variety of parameters to help you make the choice for yourself. 

Now, read on and unleash the incredible power of your voice!

Developer Nation Survey: Your Voice Matters

Developer Nation survey is the leading research programme that focuses on capturing and analyzing the trends in the developer ecosystem by inviting the participation of developers within the Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, DevOps, Industrial IoT & Consumer Electronics, AR/VR, Apps/extensions for 3rd party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning & AI, and Data Science fields. Some of the questions we ask revolve around your favourite tools and platforms, the projects you’re currently working on, your perspective on the software development cycle, and more. 

Why does your voice matter? Because it helps shed light on the challenges, trends, and opportunities within the developer community. With developers being the backbone of technological advancements and innovation, your opinion can directly influence the tools, programming languages, and industry standards of tomorrow

Many big tech companies trust our unique data insights in helping them understand developers better and shape their strategies. Here’s how Okta uses our data – your voice, to unlock more developer opportunities.

By participating in the Developer Nation Survey, you’ll be able to not only gain valuable insights and learn about the latest trends, but also have a chance to share your voice and ensure that your unique perspective is considered in shaping the future of software development. 

Comparing Prominent Developer Surveys

While these surveys focus on grasping the essence and behaviors of the developer community, they offer unique perspectives and insights across different dimensions, such as location, prizes, developer communities, loyalty programs, and average reach. 

Focus point

The Developer Nation Survey offers a global perspective, covering a wide range of topics and trends that impact developers worldwide. It emphasizes inclusivity and collaboration, ensuring that diverse voices and experiences are represented in shaping the future of software development. On the other hand, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey and Offerzen’s State of the European Software Developer Nation Survey have a narrower focus, and, therefore, offer localized insights and shed light on the challenges and opportunities within particular regions. 

To reach a wider and more diverse audience, we also translate our Developer Nation surveys in 10 languages  and make it available in 165+ countries, making it accessible and convenient for people who are not native English speakers. 

Loyalty program

With the mission of helping developers be their best selves, we place great importance on giving back to our community by sharing valuable insights and data, helping them set the right foundations for their careers, discover opportunities for professional growth and reward them for active participation with our loyalty program. Give us your feedback, participate in our survey production process or complete the survey to gather points, unlock special benefits and win prizes! 


We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. As a result, we try to bring in many exciting rewards which can be useful, practical and high-tech. Compared with other communities, we offer a wide range of different prizes and here’s what you can get your hands on by taking part in our Developer Nation survey:  cards and vouchers towards your desktop setup, a MacBook Pro13 M2, an Asus ZenBook13, annual or monthly licenses, courses credits to learn something new, and many more. Plus, everyone who completes the survey will get a free virtual goody bag with access to free resources. So, why not take your chance to get something you always wanted?

Giving back to the community

We make recurring donations to the charity of your choice. For each qualified survey response we donate USD $0.10 to different charities and organizations supported by our developer community. Our goal is to reach USD $1,700 in donations. Take the survey, pick a charity to support, and help us make a difference!

the future of Developer Space

What we do with the data 

We protect your privacy by anonymising all your answers. Those results are then available in the free State of the Developer Nation 25th Edition report, which you can be the first one to have access to by taking our survey! If you’re interested in the insights we offer in our reports, check out the previous editions here.

We exchange those insights regarding emerging trends among developers to help individuals responsible for developing tools and platforms in understanding the genuine needs of software creators. Our research remains independent, meaning that our surveys and data are not owned by any vendor, community, or other affiliated partner.

As for our survey methodology, we keep it transparent by making our sampling and analysis methods available in all our reports on, free to download for all developers.

Ready to kick things off? Start the survey now!