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Shaping the future of Developer Space: Start here.

It’s, no doubt, one of the fastest moving tech eras in the history of technology. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain and virtual reality, emerging technologies are transforming entire industries and redefining the way we interact with the world around us. 

For software developers , keeping up with the latest technologies has never been more crucial. By continually testing your knowledge and understanding of these technologies, you can utilize those capabilities to their greatest potential, making your life simpler, faster and more efficient. But where do you start?

Our brand-new Developer Nation survey is now open for developers who’d like to test their standing with the latest technologies and leave their mark in shaping the future of developer space. To help you get a better understanding of who we are, what we do and what it feels like to be a part of our developer community, we’ve also compared the Developer Nation Survey with the surveys offered by other developer communities, like Stack Overflow, across a variety of parameters to help you make the choice for yourself. 

Now, read on and unleash the incredible power of your voice!

Developer Nation Survey: Your Voice Matters

Developer Nation survey is the leading research programme that focuses on capturing and analyzing the trends in the developer ecosystem by inviting the participation of developers within the Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, DevOps, Industrial IoT & Consumer Electronics, AR/VR, Apps/extensions for 3rd party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning & AI, and Data Science fields. Some of the questions we ask revolve around your favourite tools and platforms, the projects you’re currently working on, your perspective on the software development cycle, and more. 

Why does your voice matter? Because it helps shed light on the challenges, trends, and opportunities within the developer community. With developers being the backbone of technological advancements and innovation, your opinion can directly influence the tools, programming languages, and industry standards of tomorrow

Many big tech companies trust our unique data insights in helping them understand developers better and shape their strategies. Here’s how Okta uses our data – your voice, to unlock more developer opportunities.

By participating in the Developer Nation Survey, you’ll be able to not only gain valuable insights and learn about the latest trends, but also have a chance to share your voice and ensure that your unique perspective is considered in shaping the future of software development. 

Comparing Prominent Developer Surveys

While these surveys focus on grasping the essence and behaviors of the developer community, they offer unique perspectives and insights across different dimensions, such as location, prizes, developer communities, loyalty programs, and average reach. 

Focus point

The Developer Nation Survey offers a global perspective, covering a wide range of topics and trends that impact developers worldwide. It emphasizes inclusivity and collaboration, ensuring that diverse voices and experiences are represented in shaping the future of software development. On the other hand, the Stack Overflow Developer Survey and Offerzen’s State of the European Software Developer Nation Survey have a narrower focus, and, therefore, offer localized insights and shed light on the challenges and opportunities within particular regions. 

To reach a wider and more diverse audience, we also translate our Developer Nation surveys in 10 languages  and make it available in 165+ countries, making it accessible and convenient for people who are not native English speakers. 

Loyalty program

With the mission of helping developers be their best selves, we place great importance on giving back to our community by sharing valuable insights and data, helping them set the right foundations for their careers, discover opportunities for professional growth and reward them for active participation with our loyalty program. Give us your feedback, participate in our survey production process or complete the survey to gather points, unlock special benefits and win prizes! 


We understand that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. As a result, we try to bring in many exciting rewards which can be useful, practical and high-tech. Compared with other communities, we offer a wide range of different prizes and here’s what you can get your hands on by taking part in our Developer Nation survey:  cards and vouchers towards your desktop setup, a MacBook Pro13 M2, an Asus ZenBook13, annual or monthly licenses, courses credits to learn something new, and many more. Plus, everyone who completes the survey will get a free virtual goody bag with access to free resources. So, why not take your chance to get something you always wanted?

Giving back to the community

We make recurring donations to the charity of your choice. For each qualified survey response we donate USD $0.10 to different charities and organizations supported by our developer community. Our goal is to reach USD $1,700 in donations. Take the survey, pick a charity to support, and help us make a difference!

the future of Developer Space

What we do with the data 

We protect your privacy by anonymising all your answers. Those results are then available in the free State of the Developer Nation 25th Edition report, which you can be the first one to have access to by taking our survey! If you’re interested in the insights we offer in our reports, check out the previous editions here.

We exchange those insights regarding emerging trends among developers to help individuals responsible for developing tools and platforms in understanding the genuine needs of software creators. Our research remains independent, meaning that our surveys and data are not owned by any vendor, community, or other affiliated partner.

As for our survey methodology, we keep it transparent by making our sampling and analysis methods available in all our reports on, free to download for all developers.

Ready to kick things off? Start the survey now!


The 24th Developer Nation Survey to donate $2,607 to causes supported by the community

The Developer Nation surveys are committed to giving back to the community in multiple ways. We do so by sharing the data and insights we collect. We also donate to causes aligned with our mission. The donation program has become a core element of our surveys, and we have realised that it is essential for the community. 

How does it work? 

For each survey wave that we run,  we donate 0.10$ to the favourite charities of our Developer Nation Community. The goal is to reach at least $2000 in donations.

What happened during the 24th Developer Nation survey? 

During our 24th Developer Nation global survey, we collected a surprising total of 26,289 qualified responses meaning that we could surpass our goal by donating $2,607!- and support the causes you care about. 

We always prioritise developer-centric organisations, helping software developers excel in their career and personal development. Nevertheless, we support other causes that matter a lot to our community. 

Embracing transparency, we list below the organisations we supported with our donations. The amounts correspond to how the respondents of the Developer Nation survey voted for them.

Free Code Camp 

The mission of freeCodeCamp is to help people learn to code for free. I’m personally a huge fan of the work they are doing and have learned quite a bit from there. A total of 9183 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $918 to freeCodeCamp.

Girls Who Code 

Girls Who Code is on a mission to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to become change agents in their communities. A total of 6,423 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $642 to Girls Who Code.

Raspberry pi foundation and Coder Dojo 

The Raspberry pi foundation empowers young people to use computing technologies to shape the world while CoderDojo helps enhance and build tech skills in an informal, creative and social environment. A total of 6,515 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $652 to the Raspberry pi foundation and Coder Dojo.

World Wildlife Foundation

WWF is on a mission to protect threatened species and their habitats.  A total of 3,953 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $395 to the World Wildlife Foundation.

A small number of Donations from DN Prizes

In each survey, we give developers the option to donate the cash value of their prize to one of the charities we support. We’re pleased to share that developers donated an additional $315 from their prizes! We’re thankful for their generosity! The initial goal was to donate around $1,800 but we ended up smashing our goal by donating $2,607!


Giving back to the broader community is at the very core of our mission. We are grateful and also proud of our community members for embracing our program and contributing to it. Being community-led, this effort could not be without your valuable contributions.  Please share your thoughts and suggestions for future donations using the donation program section of our forum.


24th Developer Nation Survey Prize Draw Winners

The 24th Developer Nation Survey is live, here’s a look at the winners so far!

What are the Developer Nation Prize draws?

We run weekly prize draws throughout the survey period (December 8th 2022 to February 3rd 2023) for developers who have taken our survey. You can take a peek at the full list of prizes on offer here. In addition, developers earn 100 points for every survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey.

For existing community members who have reached over 301 points, they are also included in exclusive prize draws!

We’ll be updating this blog throughout the survey period.  

ThinkPad L15 Gen 3 (15″ Intel)

Aleksandar of Serbia

Chaitanya of India

Arduino Explore IoT Kit

Intjar of India

Developer Nation Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioner course powered by CertNexus (find out more here)

a************@h******.f* of France

Cristian of Colombia
P of United States

Developer Nation Certified Data Science Practitioner course powered by CertNexus (find out more here)

A of India

j**********@g****.c** of United States

s*******.s@g****.c** of India

CoPilot or Tabnine yearly licence

J of Philippines

Marco B

Deepam of India
Abiodun of Nigeria

SitePoint Premium Subscription

t***********@g****.c** of Kenya

Aleksei of Belgium

$100 towards an exam voucher of the winners choice

n********@g****.c** of India

r**********@g****.c** of India

Aaron of Australia

n******************@o******.c** of UK

IDE licence up to $100 in value

f*********@h******.c*.u* of United Kingdom

AER Tech Organiser Kit – Cable Kit 2

q******************@s**********.c** of United States

$50 Udemy course credits

Jachson of Philippines $50 gift card

a***********@g****.c** of India

$50 gift cards

Ravi shankar of India
Marius of Norway
Dawam of Indonesia
Dineshkumar of India

$30 Udemy course credits

Stuart of Czech Republic

Leonardo of Portugal

$20 gift cards

David of New Zealand

Adam of Australia

o********************@g****.c** of Nigeria

m**********@g****.c** of Philippines

c*************@g****.c** of India

Jose of Mexico

Angelo of Canada

Angie of Philippines

Csaba of United States

Deepam of India

m**********@g****.c** of India

Kabir of Nigeria

k**************@g****.c** of Kenya

l*******@h******.c** of Turkey

r***********@g****.c** of Romania

a**************@g****.c** of Turkey

Dejan of North Macedonia

Gabriel Jephter of Nigeria

M of Turkey

Dominik of Croatia

Andy of Canada

r******.p******@g****.c** of United States

a**********@g****.c** of Nigeria

Crezel of Philippines

Arcy of United States

g*******@m**.b******.n*.j* of Japan

k*******@g****.c** of Tanzania

e********@g****.c** of India

Ruri of Indonesia

Olalelekan of Nigeria

Sai Sirisha of India

b***********@g****.c** of Indonesia

b*****.r********@g****.c** of Indonesia

Utkarsh of India

Varuna of India

a*******@f*****.o** of Singapore

Argenis useche of Venezuela

Mahammad of Nigeria

Markus of Germany

Afnan of Pakistan

L of Denmark

Jithya of Australia

李文君 of China

c******@g****.c** of Nigeria

Dharanidharan B of India

c*******.d**.9*@g****.c** of Vietnam

n*******@g****.c** of Vietnam

n***********@g****.c** of India

p****@h******.c** of China

Savio of Brazil

m******************@g****.c** of Philippines

g**************@g****.c** of Argentina

c***********@g****.c** of Philippines

j********************@g****.c** of Philippines

f*******.a*****@z**.c**.b* of Brazil

a**********@g****.c** of Panama

J**********@g****.c** of United States

m************@g****.c**  of Kenya

$10 Gift Cards

Adeola of Nigeria

Christoffer of Sweden

Swag Packs

Tomokazusuzuki of Japan

H of Turkey

Menchie of Philippines

Etienne of Canada

Ernesto of México

Charmaine of Philippines

k***************@g****.c** of Philippines

j*******@s****.c** of Turkey

d*********@g****.c** of Nigeria

k*********@h******.c** of Colombia

p*******************@g****.c** of India

r******************@g****.c** of India

a****************@g****.c** of Philippines

s*********@g****.c** of India

Soul of New Machine book

s**************@g****.c** of United Kingdom

Community Draws

ThinkPad L13 Gen 3 (13″ Intel)

Chaitanya of India

iPad Air

Camille of United States

Swag Packs

J of United States

m**************@g****.c** of United States

Evan of United States

r***********@y****.c** of India

Richard of United Kingdom

s***********@g****.c** of Spain

B of United States

s********@g****.c** of India

Mandeep of India

m**************@g****.c** of India

r***********@y****.c** of India

s***********@g****.c** of India

Kashif of Pakistan

s********@g****.c** of Pakistan

i***********@g****.c** of Turkey

L of United States

Shane of United States

C of United States

Brian of United States

r***********@y****.c** of United States

Emily of United States

g*******@l***.c** of Netherlands

l**************@g****.c** of Israel

o**************@g****.c** of Germany

Agustín of Spain

b*******@g****.c** of Netherlands

N of Ireland

m******@g****.c** of Denmark

Aurelien of France

M of India

Pankaj of India

A of India

Prerna of India

b**********@g****.c** of India

Gael of Benin

s***********@g****.c** of Bangladesh

Ioannis of Greece

a*********@i*****.c** of Mauritius

M of Germany

Alan of United States

N of Italy

Jorge of Portugal

Jakub of Poland

Michael of Israel

Jaldhar of United States

Paweł of Poland

J of United Kingdom

l****@c*******.d* of United States

Brendan of United States

Deborah of United States

Arian of United States

t**************@g****.c** of United States

Serafino of Italy

A of Sweden

Naveen of India

Peter of Australia

Igor of Georgia

Bruno Blanco of Uruguay

Agustín of Spain

Javier of Spain

i**********@y****.c** of India

V of India

Jignesh of India

Puneet of India

Akshay of India

Shahroz of Pakistan

Oswaldo of Brazil

Martin of Sweden

Damith of Sri Lanka

Mats Tage of Greece

S of Germany

$50 Udemy Gift Cards

Gabriel of Indonesia

Volkan of Turkey

Morgan of France

d****.s*******@g****.c** of Australia

k***********@h******.c** of United Kingdom

Alexandre of Belgium

Jack of United States

A of Philippines

Paul of Malawi

Chris of New Zealand

$15 Gift Cards

Hamilton of Australia

Keith of United States

Lenin of South Africa

Nick of United States

Kenneth of Sweden

Jae H of Korea, South

Toluwalase of Nigeria

a****.e*******@l***.c** of Indonesia

Ernitia of Indonesia

P of South Korea

r*****.c****.g*******@g****.c** of Venezuela

j***************@y****.c** of Mexico

a.g*******@g****.c** of Egypt

Yohanes of Indonesia

Mavis of South Africa

Wawan of Indonesia

Nicolas of France

Onoriode of Nigeria

Adewale of Nigeria

v****@h*****.c** of India

K of Indonesia

Michael of New Zealand

h*********@h******.c** of Japan

Tang Ing Kai of Singapore

Mike of Canada

Constantine of Canada

Nicolas of Greece

Abraham Mathew Saji of Malaysia

Dinar of Indonesia

7th State of ARVR Survey

Meta Quest 2

Kunal of India

$20 gift card

Prince Thakkar of India

Raffaele of Italy

External hard drive

Suman of India

Referral Program Winners

Thanks to everyone who took on the challenge! If you want to test your influencer abilities in our next survey, make sure you join our Referral Program. Here are the top 50 winners:

What happens now?

We’ve reached out to all winners directly via email. 👀 If you don’t see your name on the list, don’t worry, we’ll have more surveys in the future.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.


Cheat Sheet – Developers, unite! Have your voice heard.

This is a cheat sheet focusing on the Developer Nation 23rd survey wave, giving you all the key details to make the most out of your experience:

11+ years of surveying developers.
The Developer Nation survey has been measuring the preferences, needs and wants of developers for more than 11 years. It’s a dynamic survey where each participating survey taker will have a unique path, based on their own background and experience. 

The Developer Nation Community will be launching its 23rd survey wave on June 2 in English. On June 9, the survey will be available in all other languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Traditional + Simplified, Korean, Russian and Japanese.

Who is it for
Developer Nation is borderless! Everyone’s welcome! 
The Developer Nation survey is global and open to all. In the previous edition, more than 20,000 developers and creators of all levels – from students to hobbyists and seasoned professionals – from 160+ countries, shared their views. 

We want to hear your opinion if you see yourself as a developer, software engineer or tech creator involved in Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, DevOps, Industrial IoT & Consumer Electronics, AR/VR, Apps/extensions for 3rd party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning & AI, and Data Science.

If you nodded at any of the above areas or descriptions, this survey is for you. Keep reading for the benefits of participating or start now.

Why participate
There are several benefits for those who take the survey. Some of these are:

By participating, developers can win amazing prizes and unlock more as they proceed, including a complimentary virtual goody bag packed with free resources. 

Premium access to information
Understanding the trends can be paramount to developers’ next career move. We share the results, data and ecosystem insights with the participants and tech organisations who use the data to improve their developer offerings. 

Giving back and helping others
For each qualified survey response, we will donate USD $0.10 to a charity of your choice. Our goal is to reach USD $1,800+ in donations. Take the survey, pick a charity to support, and help us make a difference.

What’s different this time
Every wave is a new opportunity to give developers what they want. Here’s the latest benefits we introduce in this 23rd wave:

  • Weekly prize draws, including everyone who signs up to take the survey.
  • Special Prizes to be drawn for everyone taking the survey in the first 48 hours (2 winners: Nintendo Switch & iPhone 13).
  • A new way to reward participants: the more questions you answer the more chances you get to win. A participant’s name will be included multiple times in draws depending on the number of questions answered. 
  • Prizes include: Nintendo Switch, iPhone 13, Xiaomi RedMi 11, Samsung Galaxy S22, Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen, Premium Subscriptions and Licences, Vouchers for online courses and tutorials, Gift cards and vouchers for Amazon, Spotify, Apple Store, Google Play, cash to fund your development projects or towards the gear you need up to $1,000 USD and many more prizes drawn every week.
  • Everyone who completes the survey will receive a virtual goody bag filled with free subscriptions, discounts and vouchers. 

You read this far, which should mean you’re interested. Why not start the survey and share your views on key topics only developers can understand? If you’re short of time, you can save your progress and continue later (you’ll need to sign up to save). 

Are you creating for AR/VR?
There is an additional, exclusive, survey dedicated to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality creators, with the same benefits. AR/VR creators can share their reality views using this link.


Developer survey prizes: See who’s won in our 21st Developer Nation survey and Referral Program.

We’re super excited to announce the winners of our 21st Developer Nation prize draw. Thanks to over 20,000 of you who took the time to contribute to the developer ecosystem!

If you’re new to our prize draws: developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey. You can see the list of benefits and rewards here.

Winners of the General Prize Draw

Winners of the State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw

Winners of the Exclusive Community Premium Prizes (for members with 801+ points

Winners of the Exclusive Community Prize Draw – vouchers and surprise swag (for members with 801+ points)

Winners of the Exclusive Community Prize Draw – vouchers and branded swag (for members with 501+ points)

Winners of the Exclusive Community Prize Draw for branded surprise swag (for members with 301+ points)

Winners of the Extra Prize Draws

Winners of the Early Bird Prize Draws

Winners of our Partner Prize Draws

Partners – Baguette, ifanr and wwwhats-new.

Winners of the Referral Program

Over 5,900 developers have joined our Referral Program and 209 were especially competitive in promoting our survey to their communities. Thanks to everyone who took on the challenge! If you want to test your influencer abilities in our next survey, make sure you join our Referral Program. Without further ado, here are the top 50 winners:

We’ve reached out to all winners directly via email. If you recognise your email address but believe you haven’t been contacted yet, you can contact us here.

Wait, there’s more

The lists above only include prize-draw winners and not runner-ups. If the prize draw winners do not claim their prizes within 10 workings of us contacting them, then runner-ups will be invited to claim them instead. 

Special thanks to our prize sponsors Coding Mindfully, CertNexus, Florin Pop, SitePoint, and The VR/AR Association for donating prizes to the survey! Also thanks to our goody bag sponsors Alertdesk, Gitpod, Kontent, Jack Domleo, Linode, and Manning. Are you a company interested in giving away a prize to developers in our next survey? Get in touch!

If you’re not a winner, don’t despair, our next survey, our 22nd global developer survey will be live later this year. We’re already on the hunt for some amazing prizes, and open to your suggestions. What prizes would you like to win? Drop us an email or send us a Tweet.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.


Developer Prizes: Announcing our Q2 2020 survey prize winners!

Thanks to all of you who took part in our Q2 2020 Developer Economics survey! Your responses make a difference and contribute to the developer ecosystem. We’re super excited as it is now time to announce the full list of our developer prizes and their winners!

Developers who take our surveys earn 100 points for every new survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey. You can see the list of benefits and rewards here.

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points – Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and One Plus 7T

j*****@h******.c** MexicoMicrosoft Surface Pro 7
m*****.t*********@g****.c** LithuaniaOnePlus 7T

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points – Prizes: Vouchers, branded stickers, water bottles, surprise swag, and socks

j*****@h******.c**MexicoMicrosoft Surface Pro 7
m*****.t*********@g****.c**LithuaniaOnePlus 7T
S********@h******.c**Pakistan$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
a*********@y****.c**United States$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
l*@l****.c**Colombia$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
p****@p**********.n***Australia$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
c****@h******.c**United States$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
c*******@y****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and water bottle
z*********@g****.c**TaiwanBranded stickers and water bottle
b*****@e*************.c**United StatesBranded stickers and water bottle
r******@g****.c**CanadaBranded stickers and water bottle
d*.b****@g****.c**CanadaBranded stickers and water bottle
t*******.h******@g**.d*GermanySurprise swag
s******.s******@g****.c**GermanySurprise swag
l***********@g****.c**CanadaSurprise swag
m*****@c*******.i*ItalySurprise swag
s******.t**@g****.c**MalaysiaSurprise swag

Here’s a sneak peak at the surprise swag!

developer prize - surprise swag

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 501+ points Prizes: Vouchers, surprise swag, branded stickers and socks

WinnerCountry Prize
j***********@g****.c**Japan$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
a***********@g****.c**Malta$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
a*************@g****.c**Spain$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
f***********@g****.c**Nigeria$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
n.s*******@g****.c**United Kingdom$50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
k******@g****.c**ItalySurprise swag
t****.a*******@g****.c**AlgeriaSurprise swag
p**********@g****.c**South AfricaBranded stickers and socks
j********@g****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and socks
k*****.k******@g****.c**GreeceBranded stickers and socks
n********@w****.c**IsraelBranded stickers and socks
s*********@g****.c**PortugalBranded stickers and socks

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 301+ points Prizes: Branded surprise swag, stickers and socks

b*****@g****.c**HungarySurprise swag
g****.o**@o******.c**United KingdomSurprise swag
t***********@g****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and socks
m*********@g****.c**United StatesBranded stickers and socks

General Prize Draw

h*********@g****.c**EgyptiPhone 11
d*****@y*****.r*RussiaJetBrains All Products Pack
o*********@g****.c**MexicoGitKraken Pro license
a******@o******.c**KenyaGitKraken Pro license
g****.c*****@h******.c**CanadaGitKraken Pro license
s******.a***@g****.c**IndiaGitKraken Pro license
z***********@g****.c**RussiaGitKraken Pro license
p************@g****.c**IndiaGitKraken Pro license
n************@g****.c**JapanCloud Guru x 6 months license
j*****@g****.c**RussiaCloud Guru x 6 months license
d************@g****.c**IndiaCloud Guru x 6 months license
m*******.m*******@g****.c** 3 months Professional subscription
e****.s******.9*@g****.c** 3 months Professional subscription
A*********@y*****.r* 3 months Professional subscription
f.a*****@g****.c**TurkeySitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
n***********@g****.c**RussiaSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
b****@l***.r*RussiaSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
v****.m**********@g****.c**UkraineSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
n*******@g****.c**RussiaSitePoint premium subscriptions x 6 months
s*************@y****.c*.u*United KingdomSeagate STGX5000400 Portable 5TB External Hard Drive HDD
r*****.c****.g*******@g****.c**VenezuelaCorsair K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
m*****.a********@g****.c**Nigeria$20 Amazon voucher
i***.f****@m*.e**.a*Australia$20 Amazon voucher
t***********@g****.c**Russia$20 Amazon voucher
a************@g****.c**Ghana$20 Amazon voucher
j************@g****.c**United States$20 Amazon voucher
g*****@g****.c**France$20 Amazon voucher
n***********@g****.c**Brazil$20 Amazon voucher
m***.l**.p*******@g*********.c**Japan$20 Amazon voucher
m*************@g****.c**India$20 Amazon voucher
d*******@g****.c**United States$20 Amazon voucher
m******@g****.c**Canada$20 Amazon voucher
m***.d*******@g****.c**NetherlandsBaseCode field guide – full kit
h********@g****.c**RussiaBaseCode field guide – full kit
h***@j*************.e*SpainBaseCode field guide – full kit
t*************@g****.c**South AfricaBaseCode field guide – full kit
d****.b****@f*******.c**FranceBaseCode field guide – full kit
a****************@g****.c**UkraineBaseCode field guide – full kit
r****@m***.r* RussiaIntroduction to Algorithms, 3rd Edition (The MIT Press)

The State of AR/VR Survey Prize Draw

h******@g****.c**MexicoOculus Quest 64GB
i******@g****.c**United KingdomSketchfab 12 month Pro License
m*******.t*****@g****.c**United StatesOctaneRender Studio for Unity – 12 months license
d*********@g****.c**United StatesiPhone 11
a****.q**********@g****.c**CanadaVufori12 months Basic License
a***.p********@g****.c**IndiaVR Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat
n******.c******.f@g****.c**ChileVR Ninjas Virtual Reality Mat

Extra Prize Draws

s*******.1*@g****.c**India$50 Amazon voucher
j**********@i*****.c**BrazilDeveloper Economics hoodie
s*****.b********@g****.c**United StatesAugmented Reality: Principles and Practice (Usability) book
m***.l****@g****.c**United StatesThe Pragmatic Programmer: 20th Anniversary Edition, 2nd Edition: Your Journey to Mastery book
f********@b*.r*KazakhstanInsomniPlus license ($50 value) – Debug APIs like human, not robot
p*********@g****.c**VietnamDeveloper Economics hoodie
s*******@g****.c**RussiaSoft Skills: The software developer’s life manual
s******.l*****@g****.c**South AfricaDeveloper Economics hoodie
t*****************@g****.c**South Africa$20 Amazon voucher
r*************@g****.c**NigeriaThe 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure book
r**********@g****.c**GermanyDeveloper Economics hoodie
2*******@w**.d*Germany$20 Amazon voucher
m********@b*.r*RussiaGame Engine Architecture, Third Edition book
m**************@n****.c**IndonesiaDeveloper Economics hoodie
m************@m***.r*Russia$20 Amazon voucher
m*****.b****@g****.c**SpainPrecision: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things book
g*********.s**@g****.c**VietnamDeveloper Economics hoodie
l*********@g****.c**India$20 Amazon voucher
d********@g****.c**NigeriaDeep Learning (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning series) book
j**************@y****.c**United StatesDeveloper Economics hoodie
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Dicoding Prize Draw – Dicoding Learning Path (Beginner Android or Beginner Web class or mixed) Exclusive developers taking the survey from Indonesia


We’ve already reached out to the winners by email. Do you recognise one of the email addresses as yours but haven’t received your email yet? Please contact us at

The lists above only include prize-draw winners and not runner-ups. If the prize draw winners do not claim their prizes within 10 workings of us contacting them, then runner-ups will be invited to claim them instead. 

Some of the winners have generously donated the cost of their prize to Techfugees, the charity we supported during the survey. 

We’d like to say a special thanks to the lovely people at BaseCode, Dicoding, GitKraken, SitePoint, Sketchfab who supported us during our Q2 2020 Developer Economics survey by donating a prize – you rock!!

If you’re not a winner, don’t despair, our next survey, our 20th (!!), will be live later this year. We’re already on the hunt for some amazing prizes, and open to your suggestions. What prizes would you like to win? Drop us an email or send us a Tweet.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.

Community Tips

Infographic: Who is behind open-source software?

In our 18th survey wave, we’ve asked developers whether they contribute to open-source software, and if so, why? In this post, we’ll explore who the contributors to open-source software are, their reasons for contributing, and finally what open-source support they expect from companies.

Open-source contributors tend to be younger than non-contributors.

More than a third (33%) of developers who contribute to open-source software are less than 24 years old as compared to 26% of non-contributors. This is not to say that they are inexperienced programmers; 41% of open-source contributors have 1 to 5 years of experience, 4 percentage points higher than non-contributors.

Contrary to what one might think, open-source contributors are not necessarily professionals. In fact, they are equally likely to be amateurs than non-contributors. You don’t have to be working professionally in the software industry to be involved and contribute to open-source software development.

Open-source software

Open-source contributors are more likely to be involved in multiple development areas than non-contributors. However, open-source contributors are significantly more likely to be involved in emerging sectors such as machine learning/AI and AR/VR, where innovations are mostly driven by open-source tools.

Finally, as you’d expect, developers’ likelihood of contributing to open-source software is also reflected in their activity on the most popular open-source hosting site, Github. The correlation is clear. Two-thirds of developers who don’t contribute (67%) have no personal public repositories on Github, whereas close to half of the contributors (48%) have two or more public repositories. We observe a somewhat similar relationship with Stack Overflow. Non-contributors are significantly more likely to not use the Q&A site at all or visit the site but not have an account. On the other hand, open-source contributors are twice as likely as developers who don’t contribute to have earned at least one badge (30% vs 15%). Working on open-source projects encourages developers to actively engage with their peers on Q&A sites. We’ve seen which developers contribute to open-source software projects. Let’s now dive into the reasons for contributing.

Why contribute to open-source software

Developers are most motivated to contribute to open-source projects to improve coding skills (29%) and a belief in the benefits of open-source (26%). What’s more, 22% of developers contribute to open-source software because it’s fun or to solve an issue with an existing open-source software project such as fixing a bug or creating a new feature.

By contrast, financial compensation is the least important motivation. Only 3% of developers are getting paid for their work on open-source projects. As it turns out, developers are more likely to get involved in open-source projects to build their reputation (14%) or to network (11%) rather than for direct financial gain. Furthermore, developers who get paid to contribute are almost 20 percentage points less likely to think it’s fun than those who contribute for other reasons. They are also significantly less likely to believe in open-source as a source of freedom, as an ideological imperative. 

Typically developers don’t contribute to open-source for a single reason but are motivated by multiple factors. For example, half of the developers who contribute to open-source for improving their coding skills also think it’s fun. 56% of contributors who want to network also feel like it makes them belong somewhere.

What developers expect from companies

In our Q4 2019 Developer Economics survey, we also asked developers what open-source support they expect from companies. Thirty-three percent of developers not contributing to open-source don’t expect anything from companies, as compared to 15% among open-source contributors. That said, two-thirds of non-contributors still think that companies should be involved and provide support to the open-source software movement; they realise how important open-source is and believe that companies should be a part of it.

On the other hand, 44% of open-source contributors expect companies to support and contribute to open-source communities. This increases to 55% for developers who contribute to solve an issue. Many contributors (44%) expect full documentation on how to use open-source software on companies’ products or services. This is especially important to developers who get paid for their work (53%).

Interestingly, open-source developers do not necessarily expect companies to build products and services upon open-source software (39%). This is the least important vendor expectation from developers in terms of support for open-source software.

Open-source software contributors are a diverse group of people. Their motivations to contribute range from learning, having fun, solving issues to building relationships and reputations. In summary, developers have plenty of reasons to contribute to open-source, and they expect companies to support them along the way. 

If you are involved in open-source and want to share your views, visit our latest survey and help shape the trends.


Calling All Developers to Shape the Future of Software Development

The latest Developer Economics survey is now live, ready to measure the pulse of the developer ecosystem, helping the world understand developers and vice versa. We are calling all developers to shape the future of software development.

Here are a few facts about our developer surveys:

    • This is the 17th edition of the semi-annual Developer Economics surveys.
    • It is supported by the leading developer communities and technology vendors around the world: Amazon Alexa, Azure, ARM, Connected London, Intuit, Here, Digital Ocean, Nutanix, DZone, Hacker Nest, Heroku, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Pivotal, VMWare, Salesforce, Samsung, SAP, Sitepoint, and more. However, it is run by the independent analyst firm /Data. (
    • We reach over 40,000+ developers in 167 countries annually.

Who is this for? Who will shape the future of software development?

Software developers of all profiles including professionals, hobbyists, and students who work across all major areas: mobile, web, desktop, cloud, IoT, AR/VR, games, machine learning & data science.

What has changed in the survey?

  • We have redesigned our questionnaire to capture all trends & insights related to the developer ecosystem.
  • Developers can now sign-up for a global, independent, ever-growing community.
  • We have a new Point System. Developers can earn points through several actions and unlock exclusive content and prizes.
  • The survey theme. It’s now easier to walk through the questions with minimum distractions. That said, we try to make the survey taking as fun as possible, so that survey participants can enjoy a few fun facts throughout their experience.
  • We want to hear the true developers’ voice so we reward them with amazing prizes, gadgets, licenses, etc.
  • For each completed response to the survey, /Data will donate USD $0.1 to the Raspberry Pi Foundation to support the developers of tomorrow access tools and learning courses.
  • There is a revamped Referral program available for all survey takers. Sharing is caring!

& What has stayed the same?

  • It features questions that cover developers’ level of coding skills, favourite programming languages, technologies used for work/hobby, go-to spaces for learning and resources, as well as preferred tools for specific areas of development: mobile, web, desktop, cloud, IoT, AR/VR, games, machine learning & data science.
  • We still care about learning and giving back, on top of helping devs
  • Available to developers around the world in English, plus 8 other languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, Korean.

For any additional information regarding the Developer Economics Survey, feel free to contact the Developer Economics team at

Developer Economics survey is now open, inviting all developers to take the survey and voice their opinions about platforms, apps, languages, APIs, revenues, dev tools, and more.

Are you a developer? Have your say!

Join us today!


Infographic: What are developers up to in the State of the Developer Nation 15th Edition?

Did you get a free copy of our latest State of the Developer Nation 15 edition? If you haven’t yet, you should! It highlights the most interesting findings from our Developer Economics survey which ran this summer in May-June this and reached over 20,500+ devs in 167 countries.

What’s new in the State of the Developer Nation 15 edition?

We asked developers, among other things, what kind of skills they’d like to learn or improve in 2019. We compared developer interest in twelve different skill sets, spanning from data science and machine learning to business/marketing skills to cloud-native development, DevOps, and hardware-level coding. The results were somewhat surprising. Data science and machine learning will be the most highly sought after skills in the next year – 45% of developers want to gain expertise in these fields. 33% of developers want to learn UI design, 25% cloud-native development. Other common tech skills, such as learning a new programming language, rank lower.

When it comes to programming language communities, JavaScript still reigns as the most popular language, with over 10M users globally. Python has reached 7M active developers and is climbing up the ranks.  62% of machine learning developers and data scientists now use Python.

Big data has been hyped for several years. In addition, a race has begun to design processors capable of crunching large sets of often unstructured data and to produce real-time predictions. The question is, to how many in the rapidly growing Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) community are large datasets and real-time predictions relevant? Scroll down to find all the highlights in the infographic!

Don’t forget to share the infographic & download the full report!

The Developer Economics 17th Edition is now LIVE. Take the survey and shape tomorrow’s trends.

State of the Developer Nation 15 edition, developer economics, developer survey, slashdata, developer research, infographic

Liked it? Take the survey and share with us your ideas for the future of development.

Business Languages Platforms Tools

Take the new Developer Economics Survey Q2 2018

Got something to say about popular platforms and apps out there? How about languages, tools, or APIs? It’s prime time to let your opinion out – our semi-annual Developer Economics survey is now LIVE! Don’t miss a chance to join over 40,000 developers from 160+ countries who take part in our surveys every year to tell us about trends and shape the future of where software development is going next. Start right away here!


Who is the Developer Economics survey for?

The survey is for pretty much everyone who gets their fingers into coding. All developers who work on software development are welcome to take the survey, whether your work on Mobile, Desktop, IoT, AR/VR, Machine Learning & Data Science, Web, Backend, or Games.

What sort of questions is the survey asking?

We ask stuff that all developers care about. Career? Check. Satisfaction with tools? Check. Future trends and what will matter in the years to come? You bet.
As always, the survey asks you questions like:

  • Which are your favourite tools and platforms?
  • What are some must-have developer skills today?
  • Are you working on the projects you would like to work on?
  • Where do you think development time should be invested?

This time, we added new questions about developer skills, so your first-hand insights are that much more important.

What do I get from it?

Apart from contributing to the developer community with your insights (and making it a better place, obviously), there are many perks. Have a look at what we prepared for you this time:

  • Amazing prizes up for grabs: iPhone X, Samsung S9 Plus, HTC Vive Pro, GitHub 12 months developer program, Udemy vouchers, and more.
  • Access to State of the Developer Nation 15th Edition report with the key findings from this survey (coming up in Q3 2018).
  • A referral program you can join, share the survey and win up to $700 in cash!

How’s this survey different than last year?

We asked developers what they wanted to see in the 15th edition of the Developer Economics Survey. Majority of you rooted for a Sci-Fi theme and we delivered! Complete the survey and you’ll find out who is your intergalactic alter-ego and where your force lies!

What happens with my responses?

Anonymized results of the survey will be made available in the free State of the Developer Nation 15th Edition report. If you take the survey, we’ll reach out to you with the copy of the report so you can be the first to check out the insights. In the meantime, you can check out previous editions here.


So, what are you waiting for? Take the survey now!