24th Developer Nation Survey Prize Draw Winners

The 24th Developer Nation Survey is live, here’s a look at the winners so far!

What are the Developer Nation Prize draws?

We run weekly prize draws throughout the survey period (December 8th 2022 to February 3rd 2023) for developers who have taken our survey. You can take a peek at the full list of prizes on offer here. In addition, developers earn 100 points for every survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey.

For existing community members who have reached over 301 points, they are also included in exclusive prize draws!

We’ll be updating this blog throughout the survey period.  

ThinkPad L15 Gen 3 (15″ Intel)

Aleksandar of Serbia

Chaitanya of India

Arduino Explore IoT Kit

Intjar of India

Developer Nation Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioner course powered by CertNexus (find out more here)

a************@h******.f* of France

Cristian of Colombia
P of United States

Developer Nation Certified Data Science Practitioner course powered by CertNexus (find out more here)

A of India

j**********@g****.c** of United States

s*******.s@g****.c** of India

CoPilot or Tabnine yearly licence

J of Philippines

Marco B

Deepam of India
Abiodun of Nigeria

SitePoint Premium Subscription

t***********@g****.c** of Kenya

Aleksei of Belgium

$100 towards an exam voucher of the winners choice

n********@g****.c** of India

r**********@g****.c** of India

Aaron of Australia

n******************@o******.c** of UK

IDE licence up to $100 in value

f*********@h******.c*.u* of United Kingdom

AER Tech Organiser Kit – Cable Kit 2

q******************@s**********.c** of United States

$50 Udemy course credits

Jachson of Philippines $50 gift card

a***********@g****.c** of India

$50 gift cards

Ravi shankar of India
Marius of Norway
Dawam of Indonesia
Dineshkumar of India

$30 Udemy course credits

Stuart of Czech Republic

Leonardo of Portugal

$20 gift cards

David of New Zealand

Adam of Australia

o********************@g****.c** of Nigeria

m**********@g****.c** of Philippines

c*************@g****.c** of India

Jose of Mexico

Angelo of Canada

Angie of Philippines

Csaba of United States

Deepam of India

m**********@g****.c** of India

Kabir of Nigeria

k**************@g****.c** of Kenya

l*******@h******.c** of Turkey

r***********@g****.c** of Romania

a**************@g****.c** of Turkey

Dejan of North Macedonia

Gabriel Jephter of Nigeria

M of Turkey

Dominik of Croatia

Andy of Canada

r******.p******@g****.c** of United States

a**********@g****.c** of Nigeria

Crezel of Philippines

Arcy of United States

g*******@m**.b******.n*.j* of Japan

k*******@g****.c** of Tanzania

e********@g****.c** of India

Ruri of Indonesia

Olalelekan of Nigeria

Sai Sirisha of India

b***********@g****.c** of Indonesia

b*****.r********@g****.c** of Indonesia

Utkarsh of India

Varuna of India

a*******@f*****.o** of Singapore

Argenis useche of Venezuela

Mahammad of Nigeria

Markus of Germany

Afnan of Pakistan

L of Denmark

Jithya of Australia

李文君 of China

c******@g****.c** of Nigeria

Dharanidharan B of India

c*******.d**.9*@g****.c** of Vietnam

n*******@g****.c** of Vietnam

n***********@g****.c** of India

p****@h******.c** of China

Savio of Brazil

m******************@g****.c** of Philippines

g**************@g****.c** of Argentina

c***********@g****.c** of Philippines

j********************@g****.c** of Philippines

f*******.a*****@z**.c**.b* of Brazil

a**********@g****.c** of Panama

J**********@g****.c** of United States

m************@g****.c**  of Kenya

$10 Gift Cards

Adeola of Nigeria

Christoffer of Sweden

Swag Packs

Tomokazusuzuki of Japan

H of Turkey

Menchie of Philippines

Etienne of Canada

Ernesto of México

Charmaine of Philippines

k***************@g****.c** of Philippines

j*******@s****.c** of Turkey

d*********@g****.c** of Nigeria

k*********@h******.c** of Colombia

p*******************@g****.c** of India

r******************@g****.c** of India

a****************@g****.c** of Philippines

s*********@g****.c** of India

Soul of New Machine book

s**************@g****.c** of United Kingdom

Community Draws

ThinkPad L13 Gen 3 (13″ Intel)

Chaitanya of India

iPad Air

Camille of United States

Swag Packs

J of United States

m**************@g****.c** of United States

Evan of United States

r***********@y****.c** of India

Richard of United Kingdom

s***********@g****.c** of Spain

B of United States

s********@g****.c** of India

Mandeep of India

m**************@g****.c** of India

r***********@y****.c** of India

s***********@g****.c** of India

Kashif of Pakistan

s********@g****.c** of Pakistan

i***********@g****.c** of Turkey

L of United States

Shane of United States

C of United States

Brian of United States

r***********@y****.c** of United States

Emily of United States

g*******@l***.c** of Netherlands

l**************@g****.c** of Israel

o**************@g****.c** of Germany

Agustín of Spain

b*******@g****.c** of Netherlands

N of Ireland

m******@g****.c** of Denmark

Aurelien of France

M of India

Pankaj of India

A of India

Prerna of India

b**********@g****.c** of India

Gael of Benin

s***********@g****.c** of Bangladesh

Ioannis of Greece

a*********@i*****.c** of Mauritius

M of Germany

Alan of United States

N of Italy

Jorge of Portugal

Jakub of Poland

Michael of Israel

Jaldhar of United States

Paweł of Poland

J of United Kingdom

l****@c*******.d* of United States

Brendan of United States

Deborah of United States

Arian of United States

t**************@g****.c** of United States

Serafino of Italy

A of Sweden

Naveen of India

Peter of Australia

Igor of Georgia

Bruno Blanco of Uruguay

Agustín of Spain

Javier of Spain

i**********@y****.c** of India

V of India

Jignesh of India

Puneet of India

Akshay of India

Shahroz of Pakistan

Oswaldo of Brazil

Martin of Sweden

Damith of Sri Lanka

Mats Tage of Greece

S of Germany

$50 Udemy Gift Cards

Gabriel of Indonesia

Volkan of Turkey

Morgan of France

d****.s*******@g****.c** of Australia

k***********@h******.c** of United Kingdom

Alexandre of Belgium

Jack of United States

A of Philippines

Paul of Malawi

Chris of New Zealand

$15 Gift Cards

Hamilton of Australia

Keith of United States

Lenin of South Africa

Nick of United States

Kenneth of Sweden

Jae H of Korea, South

Toluwalase of Nigeria

a****.e*******@l***.c** of Indonesia

Ernitia of Indonesia

P of South Korea

r*****.c****.g*******@g****.c** of Venezuela

j***************@y****.c** of Mexico

a.g*******@g****.c** of Egypt

Yohanes of Indonesia

Mavis of South Africa

Wawan of Indonesia

Nicolas of France

Onoriode of Nigeria

Adewale of Nigeria

v****@h*****.c** of India

K of Indonesia

Michael of New Zealand

h*********@h******.c** of Japan

Tang Ing Kai of Singapore

Mike of Canada

Constantine of Canada

Nicolas of Greece

Abraham Mathew Saji of Malaysia

Dinar of Indonesia

7th State of ARVR Survey

Meta Quest 2

Kunal of India

$20 gift card

Prince Thakkar of India

Raffaele of Italy

External hard drive

Suman of India

Referral Program Winners

Thanks to everyone who took on the challenge! If you want to test your influencer abilities in our next survey, make sure you join our Referral Program. Here are the top 50 winners:

What happens now?

We’ve reached out to all winners directly via email. 👀 If you don’t see your name on the list, don’t worry, we’ll have more surveys in the future.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.


Congratulations to all Prize Winners: Developer Economics Q4 2019 prize draw results

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our survey and helped contribute to the developer ecosystem! It’s time to announce the full list of our prize winners for the Developer Economics survey Q4 2019 prize draws!

Huge congratulations to all the winners! ?

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points – Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and iPad Pro

Winner Country Prize
Manish.G Germany Microsoft Surface Pro 6
a********@l***.c** India iPad Pro

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 801+ points – Prizes: Vouchers, branded stickers, water bottles, surprise swag, and socks

Winner Country Prize
Alex L. Israel $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
n***.b*****@g****.c** Finland $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
b********.o*****@g****.c** Mexico $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
Mihály B. Hungary $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
Sharmaine L. Philippines $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
s*******@y****.c** Canada Branded stickers and water bottle
Javier P. Venezuela Branded stickers and water bottle
Shadi B. Egypt Branded stickers and water bottle
t*******.h******@g**.d* Germany Branded stickers and water bottle
r*******@g****.c** Indonesia Branded stickers and water bottle
n****.m*******@g****.c** Italy Surprise branded swag
a***.e.s*******@g****.c** Sweden Surprise branded swag
n***@y****.c** Romania Surprise branded swag
Amirudin M. Malaysia Surprise branded swag
n*******@i*********.c** Canada Surprise branded swag
j********@g****.c** South Africa Branded stickers and socks
Tobias W. Germany Branded stickers and socks

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 501+ points: Prizes: Vouchers, suprise swag, branded stickers and socks

Winner Country Prize
Rustam S. Russia $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
Mike I. United Kingdom $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
Shafiq J. Canada $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
f****.i******@g****.c** United Kingdom $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
h***************@g****.c** United States $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
Steve A. Ireland $50 Udemy or Amazon voucher
Lawrence M. United States Surprise branded swag
i*******@g****.c** United States Surprise branded swag
r******@g****.c** Spain Branded stickers and socks
Sandi P. Indonesia Branded stickers and socks
Aminu Ibrahim A. Nigeria Branded stickers and socks
Jakub G. Poland Branded stickers and socks
r*******@y****.c** United States Branded stickers and socks

Exclusive Community Prize Draw for members with 301+ points – Prizes: Branded suprise swag, stickers and socks

Winner Country Prize
m*****.d****.6*@g****.c** France Surprise branded swag
q**********@g****.c** Russia Surprise branded swag
c**********.c**@g****.c** United States Branded stickers and socks
Artur K. Russia Branded stickers and socks

General Prize Draw

Winner Country Prize
M*******@g****.c** Belarus Samsung Note
j********@h******.c** United States Microsoft Surface Pro 6
w*****************@o******.c** United States iPhone 11
Avinash S. India OnePlus 6T A6013 128GB
u*****.o*******@y****.c** Romania AWS Deep Racer
n**************@h******.c** Turkey Oculus Quest
d****@y****.c** Mexico Oculus Rift S
b**.k**@g****.c** Ukraine Samsung Chromebook 3
b********@g****.c** Ukraine Apple AirPods
r**********@g****.c** United States Tello
d***.e******@o******.c** United States Amazon Echo
b*******.r***@y*****.r* Russia Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
n****************@g****.c** India TOZO T10 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds
Kudakwashe M. South Africa $30 Easyspace gift voucher
Oleksandr D. Ukraine $30 Easyspace gift voucher
Zubeir T. Kenya $20 voucher
Alexey P. Ukraine $20 voucher
j******@g****.c** Estonia $20 voucher
w*****.k.j******@g****.c** United States $20 voucher
b********@g****.c** Ukraine $20 voucher
Charles W. Australia $20 voucher
Bahram H. Azerbaijan $20 voucher
s**************@g****.c** India Steam $10 gift card
c*********@g****.c** United States Steam $10 gift card
Slava K. Russia Steam $10 gift card
a******.o*******@g****.c** Mexico Steam $10 gift card
m************@g****.c** India Steam $10 gift card
a****@u****.e** United States Steam $10 gift card
k*******@g****.c** Russia Steam $10 gift card
g*********@n****.c** Korea, South Steam $10 gift card
Yukikazu O. Japan Steam $10 gift card
Tina P. United States Steam $10 gift card
m******@g****.c** Russia Steam $10 gift card
Gerry O. United Kingdom Steam $10 gift card
************@y****.c** South Africa Steam $10 gift card
k********@i*****.c** United States Steam $10 gift card
b****.s*********@g****.c** United States Steam $10 gift card
s********@y****.c** United States Steam $10 gift card
e********@g****.c** Italy Steam $10 gift card
e***.t*********@g****.c** Slovakia Steam $10 gift card
m*************@g****.c** India Steam $10 gift card
b*****@g****.c** Turkey Steam $10 gift card
i***.u******@g****.c** Russia Steam $10 gift card
r**********@g****.c** France Steam $10 gift card
w.k**********@g****.c** Kenya Steam $10 gift card
j****.a*@g****.c** Brazil Steam $10 gift card
l**********@1**.c** China Steam $10 gift card
m***.l***.n******@g****.c** Argentina Steam $10 gift card
m*********@g****.c** Ukraine Steam $10 gift card
d**************@g****.c** India Steam $10 gift card
c*********@g****.c** United States Steam $10 gift card
r*********@g****.c** United States Steam $10 gift card
e********@m***.r* Russia 6 months SitePoint Premium Subscription
Mirza B. Pakistan 6 months SitePoint Premium Subscription
e**.s*********@g****.c** Indonesia 6 months SitePoint Premium Subscription
t*******************@g****.c** Nigeria 6 months SitePoint Premium Subscription
r**************@g****.c** India 6 months SitePoint Premium Subscription

The State of AR/VR Survey prize draw

Winner Country Prize
l**********@g****.c** Kenya Oculus Rift S
l************@o******.c** Australia Oculus Rift S
m************@g****.c** Germany Samsung HMD Odyssey
m**********@g****.c** Germany Samsung HMD Odyssey
h**********@g****.c** Turkey Echo Dot
c************@y****.c** United States Echo Dot
t************@g****.c** Hungary Echo Dot
h*****.a****@g****.c** India $40 RedBubble voucher to get dev swag
a****************@g****.c** Pakistan $40 RedBubble voucher to get dev swag
Q******@g****.c** Vietnam $40 RedBubble voucher to get dev swag
l**********@g****.c** Kenya MergeVR Goggles
t***************@g****.c** Hungary MergeVR Goggles
g*******@g****.c** India MergeVR Goggles
l**********@g****.c** Kenya WeMo Mini Smart Plug
h********.a**@g****.c** India WeMo Mini Smart Plug
l*******@g****.c** Kenya WeMo Mini Smart Plug
n***************@g****.c** Ukraine Udemy AR/VR course
Gourab C. India Udemy AR/VR course
i**********@y****.c** United States Udemy AR/VR course
n*************.1***@g****.c** India Developer Economics socks
l*********@g****.c** Kenya Developer Economics socks
p****************@g****.c** Russia Developer Economics socks
t*********@g****.c** Hungary Developer Economics socks
e*****.e***@g****.c** Turkey Developer Economics socks
Nguyễn D. Việt Nam Developer Economics socks
n************@g****.c** Ukraine Developer Economics socks
p********@g****.c** Russia Developer Economics socks
Umakant S. Myanmar Developer Economics socks
Nguyen H. Singapore Developer Economics socks

Extra Prize Draw

Winner Country Prize
e*************@g****.c** United States Echo Dot
g***********@g****.c** United States $40 RedBubble voucher to get dev swag
r*******@g****.c** India WeMo Mini Smart Plug
d*****@y****.c** Nigeria Echo Dot
Steve H. United Kingdom JBL GO 2 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
Supriyo D. India Developer Economics Hoodie
p************@g****.c** Spain $30 Amazon gift card
Leonardo C. Brazil JBL GO 2 Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker
k******@g****.c** United States Developer Economics Hoodie
Mike H. United States Echo Dot
e********@h******.c** Sweden NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard
r*******************@g****.c** India Steam gift card $20
s*********@g****.c** Canada Echo Dot
d*******@h******.c** India $40 RedBubble voucher to get dev swag
y******@i****.r* Belarus Developer Economics Hoodies
Snehha P. India TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip
Francisco M. Mexico $30 voucher
p****.t*******.t**@g****.c** Portugal Developer Economics Hoodie
s****************@g****.c** Nigeria Google Home Hub Smart Display
Catalin E. Romania WITTI Design BEDDI Glow
s.u**@d****.b** Italy $20 Udemy voucher
Sandeep P. India Clean Code by Bob Martin
Erdinç H. Turkey $40 RedBubble voucher to get dev swag
w**********@s***.c* Canada Developer Economics socks
Daniel R. Mexico Amazon Echo
m*********@g****.c** United States $40 Easyspace gift voucher
r**********@y****.i* Italy $20 gift voucher

We wrote to all prize winners yesterday by email. If you recognise the email fragment as yours and we haven’t contacted you, please drop us an email at

Please note that the list only includes prize-draw winners and not runner-ups. However, if the prize draw winners do not claim their prizes within 10 workings of us contacting them, then runner-ups will be invited to claim them instead.

Not a prize winner? Although you didn’t win this time, we have a new survey wave coming up and we’ve got our fingers crossed for you… Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming survey wave. We’ll officially announce all the details (and the incredible prize list) in June 2020!

If you are not already a member of our developer community and would like to join, and win prizes like these, find out more here.