Developer Nation Donation Program: Supporting Charities for a Better Tomorrow

At Developer Nation, our commitment extends beyond just gathering data and insights from the developer community; we believe in giving back and making a positive impact. Through our Donation Program, we support causes that resonate with our mission and values, ensuring that our community’s voice is heard not only in surveys but also in charitable endeavours.

How Does it Work?

For every survey wave conducted, we allocate a portion of our resources to donate to charities chosen by the Developer Nation Community. With each completed survey, we contribute $0.10 towards our donation goal, aiming to reach a minimum of $1,600 or more in total donations!

The 26th Developer Nation Survey

During our 26th Developer Nation global survey, we were thrilled to receive 13,852 qualified responses. This remarkable engagement helped us reach $1,385 in donations, inspiring us to continue giving back to our community in various ways.

Charities Supported in the 26th Survey

In line with our commitment to supporting developer-centric initiatives and other causes valued by our community, we distributed our donations among several deserving charities. Here’s a breakdown of the organizations we supported and the contributions they received based on community votes:

1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is dedicated to providing free coding education to individuals worldwide. With 5,197 (out of 13,852) survey participants showing their support, we were able to donate $520 to further their mission of making coding accessible to everyone.

2. Mozilla Foundation

The Mozilla Foundation champions an open and accessible internet for all, promoting privacy, security, and digital literacy. With 2,997 votes from our community, we contributed $300 to advance their mission of a healthier internet ecosystem.

3. Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) harnesses the skills of engineers to address global challenges, from clean water access to sustainable infrastructure. Supported by 2,584 out of 13,852 survey participants, we donated $258 to support their impactful projects worldwide.

4. Ada Developers Academy

Ada Developers Academy is dedicated to increasing diversity in tech by providing women and gender-diverse individuals with comprehensive software development training. With 1,759 votes from our community, we contributed $176 to empower more individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to thrive in tech.

5. ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency)

ADRA works tirelessly to address social injustice and provide humanitarian aid to communities in need worldwide. With 1,209 votes from our community, we donated $121 to support their efforts in promoting sustainable development, disaster relief, and advocacy.

Conclusion: Fostering Community and Social Responsibility

At Developer Nation, we believe that giving back to society is integral to our mission. We extend our deepest gratitude to our community members for their enthusiastic participation in our Donation Program. Your contributions have not only exceeded our expectations but also reaffirmed our collective commitment to making a difference.

As we continue our journey, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions for future donations. Your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our philanthropic efforts, ensuring that we remain aligned with the causes that matter most to you.

Join us in our mission to build a brighter, more inclusive future through technology and compassion. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world!


Developer Nation Donation Program: Defining our social footprint together

The very essence of community lies at the heart of our Developer Nation surveys and therefore, we’re committed to giving back to the communities in different ways. With the mission of helping developers be their best selves, we place great importance on giving back to our community not only by sharing valuable insights and data, and helping them set the right foundations for their careers -, but also by supporting causes that matter to them – through our Donation Programs.

The Donation Program has become an integral part of our Developer Nation surveys and has helped us support aspiring professionals from all over the world who are driven by their passion for technology and are determined to make a difference in the world. As part of our Donation Program, we donate $0.10 per response to the charities our Developer Nation community chooses to support. Our goal is to reach $2,000 in donations and with every respondent taking part in our surveys, we’re getting a step closer to our goal!

During the 25th Developer Nation survey, one of the charities we donated to was CoderDojo, part of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and this is the impact we were able to create by joining forces:

  • Global Reach: Over 4,000 coding clubs ran in-person sessions in 103 countries, creating a widespread impact and fostering a global community of learners.
  • Diverse Participation: 2,508 young people from 46 countries submitted entries into the Coolest Projects showcase, with a remarkable 45% of the participants being girls, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the tech space.
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities: The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched three new digital making project pathways, providing learners with diverse coding experiences, from story books and virtual pets to musical instruments, Raspberry Pi Pico creations, data visualizations, websites, and more.
  • Language Accessibility: Efforts were made to translate digital making projects into over 30 different languages, with a specific focus on supporting learners in areas of educational disadvantage. This includes building new volunteer translation communities for an additional five languages spoken in Kenya, South Africa, and India.
  • Skill Development: 88% of CoderDojo champions reported that young people improved their computing and programming skills as a result of taking part in CoderDojo. Additionally, 87% noted that young people gained more confidence to explore computing and programming.

Helping each other grow and achieve our dreams is what drives us here in Developer Nation.

We’d like to celebrate the personal stories of these young tech creators together with the Raspberry Pi Foundation:

Jay, sharing his love of robotics in his local community
My mission is to spread the word of computing and programming, because not many people know about these subjects.” – Jay

jay sharing his love of robotics
jay sharing his love of robotics

Laura, building robots to change the world
I never imagined that I would have so many opportunities to travel, expand my horizons, and meet so many people. It’s thanks to CoderDojo and Coolest Projects that I’ve been able to build an amazing network of friends, and together we’re ready to take on the world.” – Laura

Laura, building robots to change the world

My Coding Story: Selin
I do hope people and AI work together in the future to make the world a better place. So I hope I will be a role model, and I actually know it’s hard to start at first, but, like, interests are gender-free. But to just, like, start, be curious and courageous, and, like, never let setbacks stop you so you can actually accomplish, like, your dream and to follow it and to never give up..” – Selin

  These stories show how much we can accomplish together as a community. We’re truly grateful to our community members for embracing our Donation Program and contributing to it, helping us create a sustainable ecosystem for everyone to live and thrive in. Being community-led, this effort could not have been possible without your valuable contributions.  Let’s keep making a positive difference together!

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The 24th Developer Nation Survey to donate $2,607 to causes supported by the community

The Developer Nation surveys are committed to giving back to the community in multiple ways. We do so by sharing the data and insights we collect. We also donate to causes aligned with our mission. The donation program has become a core element of our surveys, and we have realised that it is essential for the community. 

How does it work? 

For each survey wave that we run,  we donate 0.10$ to the favourite charities of our Developer Nation Community. The goal is to reach at least $2000 in donations.

What happened during the 24th Developer Nation survey? 

During our 24th Developer Nation global survey, we collected a surprising total of 26,289 qualified responses meaning that we could surpass our goal by donating $2,607!- and support the causes you care about. 

We always prioritise developer-centric organisations, helping software developers excel in their career and personal development. Nevertheless, we support other causes that matter a lot to our community. 

Embracing transparency, we list below the organisations we supported with our donations. The amounts correspond to how the respondents of the Developer Nation survey voted for them.

Free Code Camp 

The mission of freeCodeCamp is to help people learn to code for free. I’m personally a huge fan of the work they are doing and have learned quite a bit from there. A total of 9183 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $918 to freeCodeCamp.

Girls Who Code 

Girls Who Code is on a mission to inspire, educate, and equip girls with the computing skills to become change agents in their communities. A total of 6,423 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $642 to Girls Who Code.

Raspberry pi foundation and Coder Dojo 

The Raspberry pi foundation empowers young people to use computing technologies to shape the world while CoderDojo helps enhance and build tech skills in an informal, creative and social environment. A total of 6,515 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $652 to the Raspberry pi foundation and Coder Dojo.

World Wildlife Foundation

WWF is on a mission to protect threatened species and their habitats.  A total of 3,953 survey participants picked them for support so we could donate $395 to the World Wildlife Foundation.

A small number of Donations from DN Prizes

In each survey, we give developers the option to donate the cash value of their prize to one of the charities we support. We’re pleased to share that developers donated an additional $315 from their prizes! We’re thankful for their generosity! The initial goal was to donate around $1,800 but we ended up smashing our goal by donating $2,607!


Giving back to the broader community is at the very core of our mission. We are grateful and also proud of our community members for embracing our program and contributing to it. Being community-led, this effort could not be without your valuable contributions.  Please share your thoughts and suggestions for future donations using the donation program section of our forum.


24th Developer Nation Survey Prize Draw Winners

The 24th Developer Nation Survey is live, here’s a look at the winners so far!

What are the Developer Nation Prize draws?

We run weekly prize draws throughout the survey period (December 8th 2022 to February 3rd 2023) for developers who have taken our survey. You can take a peek at the full list of prizes on offer here. In addition, developers earn 100 points for every survey completed, plus 10 points for providing their feedback about the survey.

For existing community members who have reached over 301 points, they are also included in exclusive prize draws!

We’ll be updating this blog throughout the survey period.  

ThinkPad L15 Gen 3 (15″ Intel)

Aleksandar of Serbia

Chaitanya of India

Arduino Explore IoT Kit

Intjar of India

Developer Nation Certified Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practitioner course powered by CertNexus (find out more here)

a************@h******.f* of France

Cristian of Colombia
P of United States

Developer Nation Certified Data Science Practitioner course powered by CertNexus (find out more here)

A of India

j**********@g****.c** of United States

s*******.s@g****.c** of India

CoPilot or Tabnine yearly licence

J of Philippines

Marco B

Deepam of India
Abiodun of Nigeria

SitePoint Premium Subscription

t***********@g****.c** of Kenya

Aleksei of Belgium

$100 towards an exam voucher of the winners choice

n********@g****.c** of India

r**********@g****.c** of India

Aaron of Australia

n******************@o******.c** of UK

IDE licence up to $100 in value

f*********@h******.c*.u* of United Kingdom

AER Tech Organiser Kit – Cable Kit 2

q******************@s**********.c** of United States

$50 Udemy course credits

Jachson of Philippines $50 gift card

a***********@g****.c** of India

$50 gift cards

Ravi shankar of India
Marius of Norway
Dawam of Indonesia
Dineshkumar of India

$30 Udemy course credits

Stuart of Czech Republic

Leonardo of Portugal

$20 gift cards

David of New Zealand

Adam of Australia

o********************@g****.c** of Nigeria

m**********@g****.c** of Philippines

c*************@g****.c** of India

Jose of Mexico

Angelo of Canada

Angie of Philippines

Csaba of United States

Deepam of India

m**********@g****.c** of India

Kabir of Nigeria

k**************@g****.c** of Kenya

l*******@h******.c** of Turkey

r***********@g****.c** of Romania

a**************@g****.c** of Turkey

Dejan of North Macedonia

Gabriel Jephter of Nigeria

M of Turkey

Dominik of Croatia

Andy of Canada

r******.p******@g****.c** of United States

a**********@g****.c** of Nigeria

Crezel of Philippines

Arcy of United States

g*******@m**.b******.n*.j* of Japan

k*******@g****.c** of Tanzania

e********@g****.c** of India

Ruri of Indonesia

Olalelekan of Nigeria

Sai Sirisha of India

b***********@g****.c** of Indonesia

b*****.r********@g****.c** of Indonesia

Utkarsh of India

Varuna of India

a*******@f*****.o** of Singapore

Argenis useche of Venezuela

Mahammad of Nigeria

Markus of Germany

Afnan of Pakistan

L of Denmark

Jithya of Australia

李文君 of China

c******@g****.c** of Nigeria

Dharanidharan B of India

c*******.d**.9*@g****.c** of Vietnam

n*******@g****.c** of Vietnam

n***********@g****.c** of India

p****@h******.c** of China

Savio of Brazil

m******************@g****.c** of Philippines

g**************@g****.c** of Argentina

c***********@g****.c** of Philippines

j********************@g****.c** of Philippines

f*******.a*****@z**.c**.b* of Brazil

a**********@g****.c** of Panama

J**********@g****.c** of United States

m************@g****.c**  of Kenya

$10 Gift Cards

Adeola of Nigeria

Christoffer of Sweden

Swag Packs

Tomokazusuzuki of Japan

H of Turkey

Menchie of Philippines

Etienne of Canada

Ernesto of México

Charmaine of Philippines

k***************@g****.c** of Philippines

j*******@s****.c** of Turkey

d*********@g****.c** of Nigeria

k*********@h******.c** of Colombia

p*******************@g****.c** of India

r******************@g****.c** of India

a****************@g****.c** of Philippines

s*********@g****.c** of India

Soul of New Machine book

s**************@g****.c** of United Kingdom

Community Draws

ThinkPad L13 Gen 3 (13″ Intel)

Chaitanya of India

iPad Air

Camille of United States

Swag Packs

J of United States

m**************@g****.c** of United States

Evan of United States

r***********@y****.c** of India

Richard of United Kingdom

s***********@g****.c** of Spain

B of United States

s********@g****.c** of India

Mandeep of India

m**************@g****.c** of India

r***********@y****.c** of India

s***********@g****.c** of India

Kashif of Pakistan

s********@g****.c** of Pakistan

i***********@g****.c** of Turkey

L of United States

Shane of United States

C of United States

Brian of United States

r***********@y****.c** of United States

Emily of United States

g*******@l***.c** of Netherlands

l**************@g****.c** of Israel

o**************@g****.c** of Germany

Agustín of Spain

b*******@g****.c** of Netherlands

N of Ireland

m******@g****.c** of Denmark

Aurelien of France

M of India

Pankaj of India

A of India

Prerna of India

b**********@g****.c** of India

Gael of Benin

s***********@g****.c** of Bangladesh

Ioannis of Greece

a*********@i*****.c** of Mauritius

M of Germany

Alan of United States

N of Italy

Jorge of Portugal

Jakub of Poland

Michael of Israel

Jaldhar of United States

Paweł of Poland

J of United Kingdom

l****@c*******.d* of United States

Brendan of United States

Deborah of United States

Arian of United States

t**************@g****.c** of United States

Serafino of Italy

A of Sweden

Naveen of India

Peter of Australia

Igor of Georgia

Bruno Blanco of Uruguay

Agustín of Spain

Javier of Spain

i**********@y****.c** of India

V of India

Jignesh of India

Puneet of India

Akshay of India

Shahroz of Pakistan

Oswaldo of Brazil

Martin of Sweden

Damith of Sri Lanka

Mats Tage of Greece

S of Germany

$50 Udemy Gift Cards

Gabriel of Indonesia

Volkan of Turkey

Morgan of France

d****.s*******@g****.c** of Australia

k***********@h******.c** of United Kingdom

Alexandre of Belgium

Jack of United States

A of Philippines

Paul of Malawi

Chris of New Zealand

$15 Gift Cards

Hamilton of Australia

Keith of United States

Lenin of South Africa

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Kenneth of Sweden

Jae H of Korea, South

Toluwalase of Nigeria

a****.e*******@l***.c** of Indonesia

Ernitia of Indonesia

P of South Korea

r*****.c****.g*******@g****.c** of Venezuela

j***************@y****.c** of Mexico

a.g*******@g****.c** of Egypt

Yohanes of Indonesia

Mavis of South Africa

Wawan of Indonesia

Nicolas of France

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Michael of New Zealand

h*********@h******.c** of Japan

Tang Ing Kai of Singapore

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Constantine of Canada

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Abraham Mathew Saji of Malaysia

Dinar of Indonesia

7th State of ARVR Survey

Meta Quest 2

Kunal of India

$20 gift card

Prince Thakkar of India

Raffaele of Italy

External hard drive

Suman of India

Referral Program Winners

Thanks to everyone who took on the challenge! If you want to test your influencer abilities in our next survey, make sure you join our Referral Program. Here are the top 50 winners:

What happens now?

We’ve reached out to all winners directly via email. 👀 If you don’t see your name on the list, don’t worry, we’ll have more surveys in the future.

To ensure that you are notified when our next survey is live, sign up. Don’t forget to make sure the survey notification option is ticked.


Make the most out of 24th Edition of Developer Nation Survey – a CheatSheet

The 24th Edition of Developer Nation survey is now live and this blog post is your cheat-sheet to know everything this survey wave has to offer and how to make most out of your experience as a survey participant. 

What is the Developer Nation Survey ?

If you have never participated in a Developer Nation survey before, this section is for you. 

It is our most complete global survey that we have ever created for professional developers, hobbyists, students, and no-code software creators. It is intended to shape the key trends among developers and software eco-system for 2023. 

When you participate in this survey you’re supporting the developer research which is used by companies and organisations creating developer centric products to provide for a better developer experience and as a bonus, you also get to win some amazing prizes and support the charities and causes you care about by donating to them. 


The Prizes

When you participate in the survey you’re eligible and automatically enters to win prizes from a pool worth  $19,000+ 

General prize draw: For every participant we have 250 prizes including:

  • 2 x ThinkPad L15 Gen 3, 
  • ThinkPad L13 Gen 3, 
  • iPad Air, 
  • DiY IoT kits, 
  • choice of gifts cards or crypto, 
  • Github CoPilot or Tabnine yearly licences, 
  • IDE licences, 
  • courses, 
  • Swag bags, 
  • cloud credits, and 
  • tech accessories.

Special prizes for Developer Nation community members: 

For our Developer Nation community members, alongside General Prize pool we also additionally have extra:

  • ThinkPad L13 Gen 3, 
  • iPad Air, 
  • swag bags, 
  • $15 vouchers.

You can choose to join the community during the survey sign up process or by subscribing to our fortnightly newsletter at: . As a community member you’ll be part of 70,000+ developers around the world and will be getting regular updates about :

All this is powered by the survey results intended to help our community members grow in their career journey and connect with like-minded people.

ARVR prize draw: 

As part of this global survey, we’ve a special section calling all Augmented (AR), Virtual(VR), Mixed(MR) and Extended(ER) Reality developers, designers and creators. 

Let us know what do you think the future holds for creators of these immersive technologies which will only take 10 mins to participate and make you eligible for additional prize draw pool including :

  • iPad Air 
  • ThinkPad L15 Gen 3
  • Meta Quest 2, 
  • Crypto and Gift Cards 

Check more about winners from previous surveys in the blog here .


By participating in the survey, you can also support a cause you care about by donating to one of the following organisation or non-profit :

  • Girls Who Code
  • CoderDojo 
  • Free Code Camp
  • WWF
  • Raspberry pi foundation

You can read more about this in our last donation blog here .

So what’s Next?

The survey is live and will be running from December 8th 2022 till February 3rd 2023. You can pause the survey and finish it at your convenience, within the deadline. 

It is available in English + 8 additional languages including Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean

Participate and let your voices be heard. We’re excited to learn what has changed in the developer world these last 6 months. Which tools and platforms are you using now and if JavaScript still rules the world of programming? 

All these answers unveil along with the prize distribution with the 24th Edition of Developer Nation survey.


If you’ve any questions feel free to drop it in the comments or reach us back on any social media channels :

We can’t wait to hear from you. 


Giving back to the community with our Donation Program

The Developer Nation surveys are designed in a way that giving back to the community becomes an integral part of them. For each survey wave we run  we donate 0.10$ to the favourite charities of our Developer Nation Community. The goal is to reach at least $2000 in donations.

 During our 23rd Developer Nation global survey, we collected  a total of 26,183 qualified responses, that means we were able to meet and surpass our goal by donating $2,618- and support the causes that you care about. 

Though most of these organisations and NGOs are developer centric, helping people learn software development and grow in their career,  we welcome more diversity in theorgs we are supporting . You can use the comments section below and add your suggestions.i

For  the 23rd Developer Nation global survey, here is the list of organisations we donated to: 

#1 freeCodeCamp :

The mission of freeCodeCamp is to help people learn code for free. I’m personally a huge fan of the work they are doing and have myself learned quite a bit from there. A total of 7979 survey participants picked them for support so we were able to donate $798 to freeCodeCamp.


The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. A total of 5622 participants picked FSF, hence we were able to donate $562 to support their cause. 

#3 Women Who Code

Women Who Code (WWCode) is an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. We donated $528 to help support the cause of this wonderful inclusive organisation. They have many local chapters around the world, so if you’re a woman who is trying to learn to code or find some mentorship, the Women Who Code community and local chapter is definitely a place to look for. 

#4 The Ocean Cleanup

A non-profit organisation on a mission to develop and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. A much needed cause to support in order to sustain the ecological balance or marine ecosystems. Our developer community has enabled us to donate $470 to them.

#5 ada developer academy

Ada developer academy offers an immersive and intentional coding school prioritising community over competition. It’s very welcoming and inclusive and we were able to donate $261 for their cause.

It really feels great to give back to the community in a way that can help them further their noble cause and create a more sustainable ecosystem for everyone to live and thrive in.

We’re truly grateful to our community members who have enabled us to do this and without your survey participation it won’t be possible so we extend our thank you and promise to continue to do this in future.

Community Tips

Understanding developer personalities

Personality theories provide a blueprint for understanding why people behave the way they do. In the latest edition of our State of the Developer Nation 22nd Edition – Q1 2022, we incorporated a measure of the widely accepted ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions. We did this in order to better understand the personality traits of software developers. Here, we share some of our findings on developer personalities. Our aim is to discuss how this kind of information can help to support interactions with developers.

Personality measures are a powerful tool for understanding people’s preferences and behaviours. Software teams need diversity not only in terms of skills, experience, and knowledge, but also require a variety of personalities. This will help teams collaborate effectively on complex and challenging projects.

The Ten-Item Personality Inventory

We used the Ten-Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) methodology in order to measure the ‘Big Five’ personality dimensions. These dimensions are: emotional stability, extraversion, openness to experiences, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. The TIPI method is well-suited for situations where short measures are required. The results have been shown to have good alignment with other widely used Big Five measures1. Although more comprehensive and accurate personality measures than TIPI exist, they typically require an entire survey to themselves.

The TIPI method presents respondents with ten pairs of personality traits and asks them to rate how strongly these traits apply to them. Below, we show responses to these items for over 12,000 developers. We find that developers, in general, see themselves as complex and open to new experiences (86% agree or strongly agree that this applies to them), dependable and self-disciplined (79%), calm and emotionally stable (76%), and sympathetic and warm (74%). 

Developer personalities - developers are most likely to agree that they are dependable, self-disciplined, and open to new experiences

Diving deeper into the TIPI data allows us to identify more specific personality types within the general developer population. We collapsed these ten items into five distinct measures, one for each of the Big Five personality dimensions. For example, statements about being ‘sympathetic, warm’ and ‘critical, quarrelsome’ combine to give an overall measure of agreeableness. We then derived a score for each developer on each of the five dimensions. This helped us identify the developer personalities at the polar ends of each dimension, e.g. labelling those who are at the top end of the agreeableness scale as ‘agreeable’ and those at the bottom end as ‘disagreeable’. 

Finally, we segmented all developers into a set of distinct personality types. We did this by using the personality labels that they had been assigned as inputs to our segmentation algorithms.

Approximately 8% of all developers differ from the aforementioned group. They showcase a higher level of openness to experiences – often related to intellectual curiosity. These software developers have personality traits that suggest they are likely to investigate new tools and technologies. They are also more likely to stay up to date with the cutting edge of technology.

The Five Developer Personalities

The following charts show the characteristics of five example developer personalities revealed within our data. A well-rounded, ‘balanced’ personality type accounts for 52% of the developer population. These are developers who sit firmly at the centre of each dimension. They are neither introverted nor extroverted, highly agreeable nor disagreeable, emotionally unstable nor lacking emotion, etc.

5% of developers fit a ‘responsible and cooperative’ personality type. These developers score highly in conscientiousness, openness to experiences, and agreeableness in comparison to the majority of developers. Increased conscientiousness often relates to setting long-term goals and planning routes to achieve them, e.g being career-driven. Higher scores for openness to experiences reflects a preference for creativity and flexibility rather than repetition and routine. Our data backs this up. These developers are more receptive to personal development-related vendor resources. For example, 35% engage with seminars, training courses, and workshops compared to 25% of ‘balanced’ developers. Their high scores for agreeableness also correlate with greater engagement with community offerings. For example 23% attend meetup events compared with 17% of ‘balanced’ developers.

5% of developers conform to an ‘achievement-driven and emotionally stable’ profile. As with the previous personality type, they are conscientious and open to experiences. However, they score much higher in terms of emotional stability but slightly lower in terms of agreeableness. Developers who score high in emotional stability react less emotionally. For example they favour data over opinions. Lower agreeableness can be a useful trait for making objective decisions, free from the obligation of pleasing others.

We also find a segment of developers with an ‘introverted and unreliable’ profile. They indicate that they are less involved in social activities, disorganised, closed to new experiences, and less agreeable than other developers. Fortunately, these developers, who are likely hard to reach and engage in new activities and communities, are a very small minority, at 2% of all developers.

Common developer personality profiles
Common developer personality profiles

Developer Personalities, Roles and Content Preferences

Finally, we show how the characteristics of these developer personalities vary, in terms of both associations with developer roles and the kinds of information and content that they consume. Developers in the ‘balanced’ profile are most likely to have ‘programmer/ developer’ job titles. However, those who fit the ‘responsible and cooperative’ profile are disproportionately more likely to occupy creative (e.g UX designer) roles. This aligns with their increased creativity/openness, and senior CIO/CTO/IT manager positions, reflecting their self-discipline and achievement striving.

Those who are ‘achievement-driven and emotionally stable’ are less likely than other personality types to have ‘programmer/developer’ job titles, but disproportionately more likely to be data scientists, machine learning (ML) developers, or data engineers. They tend to deal mainly in facts and data rather than opinions and emotions. Those in the ‘introverted and unreliable’ profile are more likely to have test/QA engineer and system administrator job titles than those in other personality types. 

Developer personalities - achievement-driven developers with high emotional stability are 50% more likely to be data scientists than those with a balanced personality

When it comes to where developers go to find information and stay up to date, perhaps unsurprisingly, the ‘introverted and unreliable’ personality type uses the fewest information sources overall, affirming that they are a difficult group to engage via community-focussed events and groups. However, their use of social media is in line with other personality types, suggesting that this may be a suitable channel for catching the attention of this hard-to-reach group.

Both of the high-conscientiousness and high-openness personality types use the widest range of information sources overall, however, those who are more cooperative are considerably more likely to turn to social media for information about software development (53% of the ‘responsible and cooperative’ type vs. 44% of the ‘achievement-driven and emotionally stable’ type).

‘Intellectually curious’ developers are the most likely to make use of official vendor resources and open source communities. Hence, the audience that vendors reach via these resources may be slightly more keen to experience new products and offerings, than the typical ‘balanced’ developer.

What’s Next with Developer Personalities

We just began to scratch the surface of developers’ personality profiles. The personality types we have shown are indicative of just a few of the differences that exist among developers. By capturing this kind of data, we’ve opened the door for more extensive profiling and persona building, along with a deeper analysis of how the many other developer behaviours and preferences that we track align with personality traits. If you’re interested in learning more about developer personalities and how this can help you to reach out to developers, then we’re very excited to see how our data can support you.

Developer personalities - Achievement-driven developers use more information sources than those with a balanced personality

Cheat Sheet – Developers, unite! Have your voice heard.

This is a cheat sheet focusing on the Developer Nation 23rd survey wave, giving you all the key details to make the most out of your experience:

11+ years of surveying developers.
The Developer Nation survey has been measuring the preferences, needs and wants of developers for more than 11 years. It’s a dynamic survey where each participating survey taker will have a unique path, based on their own background and experience. 

The Developer Nation Community will be launching its 23rd survey wave on June 2 in English. On June 9, the survey will be available in all other languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Traditional + Simplified, Korean, Russian and Japanese.

Who is it for
Developer Nation is borderless! Everyone’s welcome! 
The Developer Nation survey is global and open to all. In the previous edition, more than 20,000 developers and creators of all levels – from students to hobbyists and seasoned professionals – from 160+ countries, shared their views. 

We want to hear your opinion if you see yourself as a developer, software engineer or tech creator involved in Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, DevOps, Industrial IoT & Consumer Electronics, AR/VR, Apps/extensions for 3rd party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning & AI, and Data Science.

If you nodded at any of the above areas or descriptions, this survey is for you. Keep reading for the benefits of participating or start now.

Why participate
There are several benefits for those who take the survey. Some of these are:

By participating, developers can win amazing prizes and unlock more as they proceed, including a complimentary virtual goody bag packed with free resources. 

Premium access to information
Understanding the trends can be paramount to developers’ next career move. We share the results, data and ecosystem insights with the participants and tech organisations who use the data to improve their developer offerings. 

Giving back and helping others
For each qualified survey response, we will donate USD $0.10 to a charity of your choice. Our goal is to reach USD $1,800+ in donations. Take the survey, pick a charity to support, and help us make a difference.

What’s different this time
Every wave is a new opportunity to give developers what they want. Here’s the latest benefits we introduce in this 23rd wave:

  • Weekly prize draws, including everyone who signs up to take the survey.
  • Special Prizes to be drawn for everyone taking the survey in the first 48 hours (2 winners: Nintendo Switch & iPhone 13).
  • A new way to reward participants: the more questions you answer the more chances you get to win. A participant’s name will be included multiple times in draws depending on the number of questions answered. 
  • Prizes include: Nintendo Switch, iPhone 13, Xiaomi RedMi 11, Samsung Galaxy S22, Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen, Premium Subscriptions and Licences, Vouchers for online courses and tutorials, Gift cards and vouchers for Amazon, Spotify, Apple Store, Google Play, cash to fund your development projects or towards the gear you need up to $1,000 USD and many more prizes drawn every week.
  • Everyone who completes the survey will receive a virtual goody bag filled with free subscriptions, discounts and vouchers. 

You read this far, which should mean you’re interested. Why not start the survey and share your views on key topics only developers can understand? If you’re short of time, you can save your progress and continue later (you’ll need to sign up to save). 

Are you creating for AR/VR?
There is an additional, exclusive, survey dedicated to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality creators, with the same benefits. AR/VR creators can share their reality views using this link.