Developer Nation Techie Treats: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Developers – 2023

‘Tis the season to celebrate people in your life with the perfect holiday gifts, and if they happen to be coding wizards, hardware enthusiasts, or coffee aficionados, We at Developer Nation are here again with our most curated list of 10 must-have items that will make the eyes of Developers in your life light up. Read on for our top picks and discover the ideal presents for the tech-savvy minds who make the digital world go around. 

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1. Desk Mat: This doesn’t need any explaining but is a must-have for every Developer Desk.

camera, macbook, iphone

2. GaN Charger: Supercharges any workspace with a GaN Charger. The compact and efficient charger uses Gallium Nitride technology, providing faster and more efficient charging for all their devices. A good 10W charger can charge your laptop, phone and more at the same time. Our recommendation is UGreen or Anker.



3. Hardware Crypto Wallet Ledger Nano S Plus: They say if you don’t keep your cryptos in your own wallet, you don’t own it. So, keep your developer’s cryptocurrency safe and sound with the Ledger Nano S Plus. This hardware wallet provides top-notch security, ensuring all digital assets are protected from cyber threats.


4. Yubikey 2FA Hardware Security Key: This is a must-have; you might have noticed us giving away many of these lately as part of our survey prize draws. This device adds an extra layer of protection to online accounts, making it an essential tool for any developer serious about safeguarding their digital identity.


5. Pourover Coffee Brewing Kit: Fuel late-night coding sessions with the v60 Pourover Coffee Brewing Kit. Give your developer the gift of barista-level coffee, enhancing their productivity and adding a touch of luxury to their work breaks.Our recommendation is one from Hario.

hario pourover

6. Aeropress Coffee Brewing Kit: For the developers who are always travelling but appreciate good coffee, the Aeropress Coffee Brewing Kit is a game-changer. Compact and efficient, it’s perfect for busy coding days when time is of the essence.


7. Raspberry Pi 5: Unleash the creativity of your favorite developer with the new improved and powerfuk Raspberry Pi 5. This mini-computer opens up a world of DIY projects, from home automation to gaming, making it an ideal gift for those who love to tinker with technology.

Raspberry Pi 5

8. Zima Board: Dubbed as advanced hacked single board computer, it’s definitely much more powerful than the Raspberry Pi, thanks to x86 Intel CPU. It offers tons of I/Os including dual Gigabit Ethernet, and a PCIe which is phenomenal. It’s an ideal computer to run your personal cloud, Network Attached Storage or Media Servers. 

zima board

9. Rubber Duckies: “Quack the C0de” Sometimes, the best debugging partner is a rubber duck! These adorable desk companions serve as silent sounding boards, helping developers troubleshoot and unravel coding conundrums.

rubber duckies

10. A Book – “Soul of a New Machine”: Feed their minds with “Soul of a New Machine,” a classic in the world of tech literature. This Pulitzer Prize-winning book provides insight into the world of computer engineering, making it a captivating read for any developer.

11. USB C Cable Checker: It can be frustrating to identify the right USB cables. They all might look the same, but some don’t support Thunderbolt, high-speed data transfer or fast charging. So a USB C checker like this or this or even an advanced one like this can really come in handy.

usb c cable checker

We hope these gifts will make the developers in your life feel truly appreciated. If we miss any must-have items on our list, Share your suggestions in the comments below, and let’s make this holiday season the most tech-tastic one yet! Happy coding and happy holidays!🎄

– @iAyanPahwa