Bug fixes, fresh knowledge, kittens and beer: What devs want from Developer Economics

Developer Economics is the largest developer research program, engaging thousands of developers of all shapes and sizes across the globe. We are the analyst of the developer economy, answering “what do devs want?”.

Twice per year, during the Developer Economics Survey, developers from all over the world, from all areas of coding, have their say in crucial matters around the developer community and share their views to shape the future of coding. The mission of Developer Economics is to “Help the world understand developers and developers understand the world”.

The Q2 2019 DE Survey, was launched on the 19th of June and was officially closed on August 13th. During this time, the developer community supported our mission not only by taking the survey but also by providing insightful & valuable feedback.

In total, we received over 5,100 messages as feedback. Our team read through all of the comments, shortlisted improvements that we want to include in our future surveys and we are currently assessing them to prioritize implementation for our next wave. We received a lot of suggestions about new questions we could include, concerns about the length of our survey, and we were informed about a few bugs or translation problems some of our users ran into. We also received a lot of enthusiastic comments thanking us for the survey and we were excited to read that a lot of the participants learned from our survey as well! A few devs asked us for more kittens while others requested for some beer!

Here are a few of these that we found rewarding:

“Nothing was left out!”
“Looks good to me. It was a detailed survey which covered almost every aspect of a programmer’s life 🙂 Best of luck for future endeavours!” – Siddhesh, India
“Thanks for doing all this work. Good luck on collating all the data and building the report. Really looking forward to the results!”
“What your doing right now is pretty good, keep doing it”
“[…]I love the effort put in by developers economics I am totally grateful that I and my fellow developers in Nigeria and the rest of the world were given this opportunity to express ourselves. Whenever the survey is opened I will love to be part of it again and help spread it.” – Okpako Moses, Nigeria

A few insightful:

“Should create more questions for beginners like me. Thank you.”
“Adding a section for Open Source Software will help a lot next time.” – Kenji Rikitake, Japan
“More jokes” – Camilo Cervantes Salazar, Colombia
“Already great, maybe a much dynamic UI”
“Have a dark theme on your survey website for all of the dark theme-loving developers ;)”

And here are some we thought are hilarious:

“Needs pictures of cats.”
“Free beer”
“What the f**k”

This is only a tiny sample of all the feedback we receive every day here during the surveys and we are happy to read every single one of them! We may not be perfect yet, but with your help, we are improving after each survey wave. So, thank you for taking the time to let us know your thoughts and “what devs want”.

What else do devs want?

We like to give back to all the developers who took the time to participate in our survey. We will run our prize draws and announce the winners early in September, so keep an eye out for that! All survey participants will have early access to our State of Developer Nation Report 17th Edition, which will be published shortly after and will contain all key findings from this survey. Didn’t take part but want to receive a copy of the free report? Sign up here to receive access when it’s live.

From all of us at Developer Economics, thank you! Your contribution means a lot to us. We hope to see you again in our next survey.