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[Infographic] A story of how the buying centre of purchasing tools and components is now developers.

We recently announced the State of the Developer Nation Q3 2017, our popular semi-annual report based on key insights from the largest, most global developer research program. The State of the Developer Nation Q3 2017 report is based on the 13th edition Developer Economics survey, which looked into the most trending development topics including tools, SDKs, training, distribution channels and development resources. The report sheds light on current developer trends based on responses from over 21,200 developers globally, across multiple research areas including Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Desktop, Web, Augmented & Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning. Check out the infographic we designed to present key findings on this topic from the Q3,2017 Developer Economics survey.

In this edition, we reveal how developers have become key stakeholders in recent years when it comes to making technology decisions in companies. The report uncovers just how far their influence reaches. Our data shows that over 87% of developers with a leadership function no matter how small, as well as two thirds of front-line coders, are somehow involved in purchase decisions. The world of developer tooling has fundamentally shifted: it is no longer the purchasing department that vendors need to woo, but the developer who will use their tools on the floor, and their direct team manager.


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