Five frontend books you should read in 2021

What skills are you planning to learn as a frontend developer this year? Our friends at Packt have shared five frontend books you should read in 2021. 

React and React Native

A complete hands-on guide to modern web and mobile development with React.js

What reviews say:

“I have books in my library older than most of the people I work with, maybe 200+ at this point and I would put this among the top 10 for content. Great book if you’re looking to get into React and/or React Native and the follow-along code samples actually work – big kudos!”

Svelte 3 Up and Running

A fast-paced introductory guide to building high-performance web applications with SvelteJS.

What reviews say:

“This is not just a book about Svelte. Sure, you do build an app using Svelte 3, and while building it the author gradually (and with clear examples and explanations) introduces the concepts and syntax of the Svelte framework.

However, what I enjoyed the most about this book was how it was a practical guide for building static web apps. You’ll start with some overview of why static web apps (or JAMstack apps) are powerful, and then you get on to building. From setting up VS Code, all the way to production… and even with automated testing and DevOps!”

Learning Angular, Third Edition

A no-nonsense beginner’s guide to building web applications with Angular 10 and TypeScript.

What reviews say:

“This book is typically useful for any front-end or full-stack software engineer who is completely new to the web development or has some JavaScript web development experiences but wishes to jump into the Angular world playing with the typescript.”

Modern Web Testing with TestCafe

Get to grips with end-to-end web testing with TestCafe and JavaScript.

What reviews say:

“This is a very good book for

– Beginners who are looking for step by step clear instructions to use TestCafe right from setting up the environment all the way to writing expert level e2e automated tests

Current TestCafe users to learn TestCafe internals and best practices.

The other aspect I like about this book is, it also provides compares between Selenium and TestCafe. This is very helpful for current Selenium users trying to switch to TestCafe and best use the benefits TestCafe provides.”

Vue.js 3 Cookbook

Discover actionable solutions for building modern web apps with the latest Vue features and TypeScript.

What reviews say:

“This book is a good introduction to Vue.js 3.0 and the main features which vue.js contains. The book contains a lot of examples, which gives you a good overview of the different possibilities that you have when working with vue.

For example, it discusses about vue files, plugins, vuex store, mixins, decorators, props, slots, vuelidate, and vue router, among others.”

Have you read any of these books already? Do you have other titles that you’d recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments.  Looking for more inspiration? Here are more book recommendations.

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